Regency Charmer, great working with all the great Talent on this production, a simple shot takes a lot longer than it looks. Just finding the perfect Smoking Jacket took hours, but I was lucky to have the RSC costume hire dept just up the River.

  • Paddington W2

    Paddington W2

  • Easterly Light

    Easterly Light

    Advertising photography is about producing images that are suitable for the medium and communicate. Keeping calm and patient is a requirement as is this man.

  • Porcupine Close SE9

    Porcupine Close SE9

  • Impressive Central Skylight

    Impressive Central Skylight

    This image won the Association of Photographers -Advertising photography -single - Best in Category 2017.

  • Anglers Lane NW5

    Anglers Lane NW5

    Advertising photography is like fishing, lots of preparation, enduring difficult conditions and having the right kit for the job, including all weather gear & specialist equipment. A camera is only a small part of the requirements.

  • High Barnet

    High Barnet

    In 2017 the advertising campaign is now in its third series and still photographed in Stratford on Avon . Client - Marsh & Parsons, London -Estate Agents - Selected for the AoP Open 2017.



    Beautiful Private Garden-A simple portrait of a beautiful model for the client Marsh & Parsons in a fashion style was complicated by her lack of tatoos ,but a great team of stylist and makeup artist created an arm of flowers.

  • Merial - Eire

    Merial - Eire

    Father and son on their Beef Farm in Eire-Advertising campaign for Merial - copy relates to how each generation uses product.

  • Grand Imposing Property

    Grand Imposing Property

    One of my favourite images from the Marsh & Parsons London Estate Agents 2017 campaign ,I wanted to find a more mature bearded man and eventually found this fine favourite by specimen media casting .

  • Mother & Son for Merial

    Mother & Son for Merial

    Real farmers on location in Norfolk for Merial

  • Iron Features

    Iron Features

    Casting for this model was hard ,until I found a champion .Stacey Boyce .

  • High Ceilings

    High Ceilings

    London Modern Apartment boasting high ceilings . Photograph of very tall actor and short actress commuicated the concept

  • Indian Princess ?

    Indian Princess ?

    Elegant, high-end dwelling was one of Marsh & Parsons first advertising campaign featuring Kelly Schembri

  • Character photography for London Client

    Character photography for London Client

    A mature elegant model was required for the studio photography for this advertising brief .The client: Marsh and Parsons Agency:The Table

  • New Development photography

    New Development photography

    Just in time this model produced a real development not long after the studio photography - second series

  • Rooftop Garden

    Rooftop Garden

    Fashion photography style for the Client:Marsh & Parsons Agency:The Table .The image was featured as cross track poster to social media .



    Portrait part of the 25th Anniversary campaign ,shot in London,Leamington Spa and Warwick for Links of London . Agency -TonyG ,Creative AD -Tony G.Location was a Chelsea property just of the Kings Road .



    Still life on Location - required a lot of soft boxes and reflectors - Silver is always difficult and so I effectively created a studio on location this is technically challenging but rewarding and is convincing as a product shot in situ .



    London location with refection in situ ,the dog was photographed in a Leamington park and photo comped in .

  • Lifestyle for hotels

    Lifestyle for hotels

    LINKS of LONDON -Lifestyle photography in hotels may require models and lighting as this image demonstrates - On location in Chelsea ,London SW3.Studio lighting and approach to create a natural look that compliments the jewellery and lifestyle image that was commissioned photography for LINKS of London.

  • GHD


    Model photographed in a London hire studio and on location in Miami ,Florida .The Art Director was - John Dean. Hair & Makeup supplied by GHD .Burning suits by Armani (from Oxfam Shop)

  • GHD


    Model photographed in London Holborn Studios with boat and background added from earlier location photography in Miami and the Everglades .Art Director : John Dean. Agency : Propaganda Leeds

  • World Remit - BraveSpark- Heros

    World Remit - BraveSpark- Heros

    Stills to support World Remit -Video advertising campaign -'HEROS' shot for - Bravespark -production company .

  • Stills Photographer on Production

    Stills Photographer on Production

    Campaign for World Remit ,a series of videos that were produced by Production Company BraveSpark ,London. Shot on location with international cast ,I provided production stills for multi media advertising campaign to launch this financial product .I have worked many times on set ,usually producing the photography for print and now across all media .

  • Doctor on Rounds -Still for Advertisng Campaign

    Doctor on Rounds -Still for Advertisng Campaign

    Production Company - BraveSpark Client : World Remit . Location : Euston , London ,NW1

  • WRAP recycling  advertising campaign

    WRAP recycling advertising campaign

    Photography in Oxfordshire to encorage recyling ,an advertising cmapaign for WRAP ,providing councils with material to promote recycling . CGI and location photography .

  • Logistics photographer

    Logistics photographer

    Photography in Cape Town ,South Africa for logistics giant DHL .Warehouse and model on location

  • Bovine Pharmaceuticals

    Bovine Pharmaceuticals

    Set up in Worcestershire on dairy farm -portraits of Cattle & Farmer personal

  • PT Portuguese Telecom -print Campaign

    PT Portuguese Telecom -print Campaign

    AoP portrait series selection - The man and background floor and wall were photographed in Lisbon ,the Vault door is in fact a small model shot in the studio ,lit to blend and put together in photoshop.

  • Location photographer New Zealand

    Location photographer New Zealand

    This 02 Campaign for AIS ,shot in New Zealand ,with Searchparty productions . Art Director -Spencer White .North Island a multi part composite photo completed in London .

  • location advertising photography

    location advertising photography

    Photograph taken in Queensland ,Australia for Phillip Morris - Four Squares

  • Maldives -Korean Air

    Maldives -Korean Air

    9 part comp ,shot in one day as the monsoon stopped 5 days photography .

  • Concorde Watches

    Concorde Watches

    Concorde Watches advertising campaign photographed in Oman & Bahrain ,two part comp . AD -David Jeffery .

  • location wine photographer

    location wine photographer

    Vineyard in Sonoma Valley California A set up shot of grape picker in amongst the Vines ,shot on a Linhof 5x4 camera . Now I use PhaseOne and Hasselblad ,results are very simular but film and processing would be £500 plus scanning of selected image

  • Alpine location photographer

    Alpine location photographer

    John Harvey -AlpsHigh Tea - shot on location on 5x4 .Advertising photography is making creatives ideas into images that communicate .This image took 5 days to finish as the alpine platform was shrouded in fog for four days . This image was shot in one ,with little retouching ,now digital techniques would possibly use many elements and CGI .

  • ADVERTISING photographer

    ADVERTISING photographer

    As an advertising photographer I was delighted to be commissioned to photograph the campaign for London Estate agents Marsh & Parsons .The commission started in 2014 with a small series of portraits such as this -Portrait of lady with hat taken at my Stratford on Avon Studio although using a London based model .

  • Sun Drenched

    Sun Drenched

    OTT makeup to show the suntan off . Photographed in the Stratford on Avon studio in mid December -great make Up artist made it happen .

  • Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor Heating

    Never work with children and animals ! Maybe a good guideline but a brief has a baby and is a great commuication ,I am happy to meet the challenge .An Advertising photographers job is to solve the problem .

  • DHL


    Europe & Africa wide B2B logistics campaign photography in Cape Town - Dubai & London.

  • Palace of Westminster

    Palace of Westminster

    For advertising and editorial I have used this as a backdrop -this was originally a personal art project but is now a stock image and used in Ads

  • Head Shot   Photographer

    Head Shot Photographer

    Best in Category Advertising photography -Association of Photographer awards 2017 - images for advertising can be wonderfully challenging - realising a concept and hopefully adding more is what I enjoy. Working with great creatives to produce Advertising that works.

  • Acoustic Insulation throughout

    Acoustic Insulation throughout

    Never work with children & animals ? However when you have such a beautiful & well behaved baby I am happy to photograph an advertising image.

  • Bright & Airy Nordic

    Bright & Airy Nordic

    A Nordic looking character was the brief & I was lucky to find this guy. Casting for characters is a major part of the process & all the hours taken pay off when the client says 'perfect'.

  • Wapping E1

    Wapping E1

    A difficult one to cast - there are many 'BIG' guys available often playing'heavies' ,but the brief wanted a less threatening character & I remember this gentleman from a recent commission for a garden design company where this guy was working - just needed to pursued him. Wapping Result.

  • Welling DA16

    Welling DA16

    Crying for a photograph is not easy,especially when the subject is such a happy guy. A little help from a great MUA & an onion. Tricks of the trade?

  • Communal parts in dark wood with Brass fittings.....

    Communal parts in dark wood with Brass fittings.....

  • Large Working  Chimney

    Large Working Chimney

  • Loft Extension......

    Loft Extension......

  • Benefits from Soundproofing ,,,,,

    Benefits from Soundproofing ,,,,,

Advertising photographer awarded with D&AD pencils and AoP Gold. Working worldwide for international clients and agencies across the UK

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