• Tariq Ismail

    Tariq Ismail

    Photo of Tariq Ismail Standing with an x-ray

  • Shefali Oza

    Shefali Oza


  • Richard Burden MP

    Richard Burden MP

  • Richard Green,Eastside,Curzon Street Station

    Richard Green,Eastside,Curzon Street Station

  • Richardson Brothers

    Richardson Brothers

  • Roger Godsiff

    Roger Godsiff

  • Ronda Wilson

    Ronda Wilson

    Photographed on top of Custard Factory - a fitting location for the lady behind the Rubarb Photography festival Both Sadly Missed .

  • Rtr Rev Dr John Sentamu

    Rtr Rev Dr John Sentamu

    Anglican Bishop of Birmingham ,In his Harbourne Home

  • Sakiri Ormoro

    Sakiri Ormoro

    At the CBSO rehearsal space

  • Sally Luton

    Sally Luton

    West Midlands Arts Council - by the IRONMAN - Anthony Gormley's Sculpture in Victoria Square .

  • Sarindar Singh Sahota

    Sarindar Singh Sahota

    Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

  • Simon Topman

    Simon Topman

    CEO ,Acme Whistles -at Aston Hall

  • Sir Albert Bore

    Sir Albert Bore

    Victoria Square

  • Sir Bernard Zissman

    Sir Bernard Zissman


  • Sir Peter Rigby

    Sir Peter Rigby

    Millenium Point

  • Sir Richard Knowles

    Sir Richard Knowles

    As a photographer of many politicians ,I consider the opportunity to photograph Sir Richard a great privilege - old school 'fixer' . Small stature , Great man .

  • Sue Beardsmore BBC

    Sue Beardsmore BBC

  • Jasper Carrott

    Jasper Carrott

    As a photographer of celebrities and those out of the spotlight ,it is great to meet someone who has both roles . One of the great wits of our time .

  • John Dowlan

    John Dowlan

    In the Shakespeare Room , Birmingham Library .

  • John Hemming

    John Hemming

  • John Tower

    John Tower

    At Rover before the end

  • John Watkinson

    John Watkinson

  • John Overton

    John Overton

    Acorns - Children's Hospice Charity -As a photographer for charities ,it is always a privilege to photograph those who make a diffrence .

  • John Emery,Project manager Bull Ring

    John Emery,Project manager Bull Ring

    Project manager Bull Ring - now an Iconic part of Birmingham landscape .

  • John James

    John James

    At the Cigar Bar in Hotel du Vin ,

  • Jonathan  Bryant

    Jonathan Bryant

    At Millenium Point ,the Science Museum . Photographer of innovators

  • Jonnie Turpie

    Jonnie Turpie

    Director of Maverick Productions & creative guru .

  • Kay Cadman,Brindley Place

    Kay Cadman,Brindley Place

    Portrait shot in Brindley Place on a cold and dark afternoon in November 2004.

  • Birmingham - Movers & Shakers 2

    Birmingham - Movers & Shakers 2

    Krysia Rozanska at the Birmingham Polish Club in Digbeth . Portrait Photography at this location in Birmingham was a delight .

  • Prof Micheal Stirling

    Prof Micheal Stirling

    At Birmingham University Campus , portrait of the Vice Chancellor .Photographer on Location .