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Domain changes for Lorentz Gullachsen photographer

Domain suspended due to old records.

Back in November I was shocked to find my email was not working, that was bad enough but I then found out my website was down. As a commercial photographer that is very bad for business !

I was in the middle of a production, but managed to establish what the problem was but little did I know what a nightmare it was going to be.

My domain,was 'suspended' due to the records been out of date and although I and many web support people should have seen the problem, it occurred way back last century .

1998 was when I purchased the domain, I saw the future and as every photographer would need to be online, it was quite a novelty with a website ahead of the game, now everyone has a site .Over the years I have had many revised and update sites later I eventually settled with a livebooks hosting site, enjoying a self editing that seemed to function ok and certainly worked as a marketing tool and communication site.

It was due for renewal way into the 2020's but the address on file and contact email address were not correct and 'private' so the authorities stopped it!

I managed to get the site back up in a few days as I transfered to another domain address, but it looked like I was unable to get the security issues resolved so I than changed my domain to

This is my new domain but it looks like my old domain shall be working again soon, so the nightmare looks like it shall be over soon, or like all technology - it shall work, till it stops!