Festival Faces - Artshouse - Stratford upon Avon Oct 22nd -Nov 11th

Since April this year ,I have been involved with the Stratford Literary Festival ,producing a body of work in collaboration with the festival and the Artshouse.

Backstage I set up a Pop - Up studio and during the Festival I took a series of portraits of the Authors,presenters,celebrities,actors,musicians and even the production and background personal.

I wanted to connect all the subjects ,with a concept based on literature , that is why I decided on a black and white set . The White desk represents the blank paper that the Author has to fill with wondrous words ,the desk also represents the workplace for those who slave for hours trying to find the right words and produce the communication that may transport the reader .

The Black background represents the black ink ,although even with screen based writing publication,black type is still required.

Pretentious ? Moi ?

I also produced additional portraits shot in a more reportage style as another way of representing some of the subjects ,as the Studio option was sometimes not possible because of logistic or time restrictions ,so some of those images also features on the Screen that shows the whole collection along with the featured selected Prints .

The whole collection of images features on my Arts Projects

website .www.gullachsenlife.com ,and a selection of the project on my main site

www.gullachsen.com .

There are many that I should thank for the privilege of been able to work with such amazing subjects especially all those at the Stratford Literary Festival,Stratford Artshouse,TonyG Creative Retail,Stratford upon Avon Herald ,Martin Streets design,Stoney Darkstone and especially Sue Jones.

The whole work shall be archived as part of the ongoing work,Bards Town Portraits ,this is a series of portraits of those involved with the creative arts and wider society taken at a variety of locations in Stratford upon Avon ,the archival prints and digital files ,shall become a resource for the town and future researchers .

  • Paul Merton