Food Photographer ?

I have always loved food, as my girth will testify even with the New Year diet, I can never be accused of been ‘skinny’.

It may surprise many that I seriously considered becoming a chef, I did a few seasons in Newquay and paid my way thru college as a grill chef, not fine dining but I am a happy cooker in a kitchen, however fate took its hand and I don’t regret not taking the route of Ramsey, Stein, Oliver and others. To be honest, its too much like hard work, unsociable hours and like most jobs requires years of dedication that you need a great passion for. I have that for photography, so all I could do is shoot food, and for a short while that’s what I did. As a student I managed to get a day a week at

Premier foods studio at Cadbury’s in Bournville, a great experience and it gave me a great insight into shooting still life.

However, there is one thing that as a young photographer I enjoyed photographing more than food and surprisingly that was girls?

So my food photography days were over.

Well no, as the photography of girls took me on to shoot travel brochures with models, I would also shoot the hotel and restaurants at the locations and shoot the exotic and wonderful local cuisine.

I have never really said I’m a food photographer, but like many advertising and editorial photographers, you shoot what is required, it’s all about lighting anyway.

There are some wonderful specialist food photographers who I admire and believe can truly be called Food photographers, people like Carl Warner, that create food landscapes that are truly amazing.

But I shoot food, and now having my base in a studio near Stratford on Avon, I hope I can continue to do justice to the chefs, restaurants, hotels, home economist, food stylists that need images of their wonderful creations.

I’m not giving up the day job, shooting on location, but just doing what I love, taking pictures of things I love, from Landscapes to Langoustines.

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