Found in Archive

My archive is a wonder,digital files are still difficult to archive ,with duplicates and back ups,when film was all I shot on, the images selected would be scanned and often worked on in early photoshop . Then a duplicate Transparency would be produced often in triplicate and then mounted.This would then be sent to potential clients via couriers.Oh, the beauty of the folios , but such a cost. I recently came across an image that I had shot on 5x4 film ,and had scanned back in 1990's but had never used in my folio as it was so out of keeping with my automotive & landscape work . The subject was the world class furniture maker Sean Feeney,who had a workshop next to my local Post Office.

He kindly allowed me to spend a morning setting up a shot . I found that image and realise that maybe I should have shown it all those years ago ?

I hope that the image stands up today , it is pure & hopefully does justice to one of the UK's finest craftsmen.

  • Sean Feeney