Graham Norton - A Real Portrait ?

After a long trip from London through exceptionally bad traffic, #Graham Norton arrived at the #Arthouse in Stratford upon Avon ,to present his new book #‘The Life and Loves of a He Devil’ , he went straight into a sound check and then to my Pop Up studio backstage.

A portrait with most celebrities is a short session, they are in demand and often the ‘management’ protect them like precious jewels , but Graham Norton is his own man and gave me more time than I expected, I shot the standard ‘Looks’ ,the smile ,whimsical and the great professional that he is ,every shot was great, but were these images any indication of the real Graham William Walker ?

I want to produce an ‘insight’ when the portrait shows a truth ,a lofty ambition , and rarely achieved when time is tight.

At the end of a session that was probably only seven minutes from introduction to finish.

I saw the man ‘relax’ and with a little ‘nudge’ and between ‘poses’ I grabbed this image.

Did I capture the real Mr Norton ? That is subjective, but I feel that this selected image may show something that is real ?

Arguably the most popular presenter in the UK ,Graham Norton has a remarkable career and yet remains someone who is real and he now has won over another fan,who enjoys his waspish wit and Irish warmth,a strange and Intriguing combination.

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