GULHOS New Venture - Old Direction

I have just launched a new photography service to cater ( pun intended ) to the Hospitality & Travel industry.

Since my early days in Birmingham , I was photographing food while still studying at Cadbury’s In-House Studio in Bourneville ,I went on to shoot general advertising and people but I found that a large proportion of my work was commissioned to produce travel,lifestyle and destination photography . My early work included shooting holiday brochures for Thomson, Warners & Holimarine and working for clients like the Spanish & Swedish tourist boards ,it was great fun and led to the many travel related campaigns and travel editorial shoots that have taken me to some amazing places .

From New Zealand to Oman , from the West Coast of California to the West Midlands Black Country Museum,I have been blessed with some wonderful commissions and have shot travel location destinations for most of my professional life .I have shot editorial travel for UK and USA publications and shot hotels all over the UK and abroad so why not specialize ?

I’m not giving up the day job, I shall never stop taking on advertising briefs .

I love running with great concepts and making them work ,recently I have been doing just that and have just completed 3 campaigns that are still under embargo, but with my new venture I shall be more producer and director as I collaborate with the creatives and technicians so that GULHOS provide can provide the service that Hospitality & Travel clients require. From small B&B's to Grand Hotels .Interior 360‘s and Ariel videos ,food shots to shooting Chefs !

Its a new service using my old & new skills for GULHOS !


At School I was known as GUL - my name was far too complex and mispronounced by so many and even some teachers called me GUL (and so many other things) , so when looking for a new Brand identity - I thought keep it simple.

GUL & HOS ( T ) The HOS is for the hospitality industry ,(the T is silent and invisible as the Travel is always there by association !

Please check out my new Site -


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