Simon Sebag Montefiore

Headshot or Portrait Photographer ?

Portrait of Simon Sebag Montefiore- taken at the Stratford Literary Festival

What is the difference between a Headshot photographer and a portrait photographer?

It seems that everybody in business requires a headshot, often for their Linkedin profile or for the company website, business coaches and Marcomm experts all say that you should have a professional photographer produce the image but why?

A professional should be able to improve on your best selfie and produce an image that looks professional and does the job, however is the image going to give an insight to the personality and strengths of that person? A headshot may take a few minutes to produce but it is going to be seen for a long while and it is going to represent what people think about you.

Maybe what you really need is a portrait photographer rather than just a headshot photographer?

There is a subtle difference ,but as Charles Baudelaire observed in the 19th century 'A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound'

It maybe that you want to communicate a simple image - one that is like a passport photograph, it shows what you look like, or you may want to show something of your complex character and serious nature or that you are a caring professional and have great empathy with your clients?

A photographer who can deliver one is a headshot photographer and the other result requires a portrait photographer, what do you want?

A portrait photograph can be simple but it is very complicated what it communicates to the audience and maybe your potential clients.

Spending a little more time with a portrait photographer maybe will produce an image that you want and not one that just identifies you.