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Hospitality Stars - Portraits of an Industry

I am happy to announce a new Portrait Project which will celebrate the Hospitality & Food Industry in Warwickshire, Coventry & the North Cotswolds.

This is an industry that is close to my heart and began with my Nan’s Transport Cafe in West Bromwich where my mother & her brothers pitched in to provide wonderful roasts & unbelievably tasty food to long distance lorry drivers. My sister clearly influenced by this went on to hotel management, own her own bakery & outside catering company & become a hospitality industry trainer & national project manager. I too cooked in restaurants & worked in a bakery while training to become a photographer. Annual visits to my paternal uncle’s farm in Cornwall gave me a real insight into the importance of good wholesome produce, and incidentally the best home-made Cornish ice cream from their Jersey herd.

As a photography student I was fortunate to work for Cadburys at their studio at Bournville & subsequently as an Advertising Photographer I was often involved working for tourist boards, hotels, vineyards & airlines. This international experience demonstrated how highly regarded the hospitality industry was viewed across the globe but only in latter years has the UK deservedly been seen in the same light. This is what I want to celebrate, creating a collection of portraits of those in the industry that are stars & those who are future stars.

It is not my intention to focus solely on the celebrity chefs but the whole spectrum of industry people who make this business work, ranging from front of house personnel to housekeepers, suppliers of produce to destination managers & event planners.

I aim to produce a collection of 50 to 100 subjects, the work will be published as an on-line collection & hopefully with an exhibition at a venue to be confirmed.

I am seeking nominations from the Hospitality & Food Industry and from those who believe they know a subject who is suitable for this project.

Please contact me with details on before 16th June 2020.