Stratford Self Store - POD

Industrial and Storage projects

Over the years I have enjoyed a great variety of commissions mainly through the traditional route of agency or designers. They have a client that has an advertising campaign or a brochure that requires design & photography. Often pitching against a number of competitors I found myself working as an industrial or reportage photographer and travelled to Europe and much further. From Oil rigs in the North Sea and Texas to telephone exchanges in the Middle East. This work I always found interesting and I loved the variety and the challenges they presented. My more mainstream advertising work took over with what some may say was a much more glamorous commissions with travel & consumer blue chip clients. However I never stopped taking on what I call commercial industrial work, even after enjoying the success of high profile campaigns with posters & massive media with a variety of clients, I still work in factories and warehouses and completely enjoy it. I love the challenge and it is a great privilege to work with the workers and staff who I encounter. I have always enjoyed trying to produce images that looked 'real' and were believable as well as communicating the function of a facility or introduce a dynamic to a simple location. This last few months has found me working for a couple of Storage companies as well as Architects, a light industrial company (images under embargo) and a builders merchant. Here are a few of the images that have kept me busy, long may it continue.

Please check out my 'Industrial photographer' folio for recent updates and archive commissions.