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recent instagram posts

I was prompted to write this as I supply images to many clients who use them on Instagram to market business’s as diverse as Destinations, Bakers, Pharmaceuticals & Logistics. All commercial businesses using Instagram for marketing communication.

Social media has been around for ages and most business’s employ this method to advertise or at least communicate with their clients or potential customers . Facebook is the one that most people know about and as a platform it is getting more complex and sophisticated .

It works well when you have a service or product that many use , hairdressers ,electrician & most maintenance trades will find that they can target a local audience for little cost just hard work posting relevant material consistently .

But if you have a niche product or service you need to reach a wider geographic audience but possibly very targeted group . This is where INSTAGRAM becomes very useful.

It helps if the service or product is ‘visual’ such as a garden design company . There are so many beautiful things you can post from the design on the Computer in the office to the work in progress, plants that are selected for the final finished garden. There are many things that you can photograph ,tag and post almost every day maybe relating just to gardens but to designers and visually aware (most of Instagramland) .

You can also connect with your fellow trades and suppliers, this builds up your numbers and you get to be inspired by what you see ! Search your profession - #garden designers find out what is trending and also get to see what competitors are posting and how well they are doing ?

But don't be alarmed if they have hundreds of posts & thousands of followers, they may have been on Instagram for many years.

You too can build a great following, but it takes time.

Solicitors and other professionals that provide a less visual communication can still use the medium ,but they may require to extend the scope of their content. If they are a local firm and would naturally have a small catmint area then maybe they should get the staff to contribute with great scenic images of the town and district . It is not just the benefit of maybe having a following on Instagram it is also the link that it provides to the website ,this helps with SEO and the rating can be enhanced if the Instagram can be linked to Face Book and twitter ,even to linking twitter feed on the website showing that it is a vibrant engaging site, that also boosts the SEO and therefore ensures that when someone is looking for a solicitor - more people can suggest as they have seen the name on social media, but the site is more visible.

So you are a small business and you want to post on Instagram to promote your business ,what should you do and what should you post ?

If you are serious about the idea of instagram as part of your marketing plan, then this is where you have to be careful, it's not quite like Facebook , it can be seen easily seen by the world and not just your friends and remember you are looking after your brand.

There are no rules, but I would suggest that you post daily or as often as possible and think that those who see your posts could become your best customer.

Post what you are happy to represent your business . The subject has to compliment your brand and maybe posting selfie pics of your fun weekend when you are a little worse for wear, maybe not such a great idea ?

Instagram is your shop window , be careful what you post.

However if you do post something that is not appropriate you can edit and delete.

So why post anything ? What should you say and what about those # tags ?

Unless you have many followers all you post will never be seen except by your loyal friends and followers unless you put them into the searchable arena with # tags .

Tags are a subject that can take over many hours, but without #’s you are wasting a great opportunity .

So do I Instagram ? - Oh Yes !

Reluctantly at first but as many but once I started and saw its potential I have embraced the platform ,I try to do it once a day and ideally in 3's so that I can tell a story.

I try to communicate to the world what I do as an Advertising photographer, portrait photographer ,lifestyle ,food & drink as well as street reportage & landscape photographer.

I don't do every post as a ‘marketing’ pitch, but try to put material that is engaging, observed personal work that has no commercial application but it shows my audience my vision and my interests. Hopefully that can convert to commissions, but if it only boosts the hits on my website it has worked.

Please check out my Instagram account and hopefully you may want to follow me and if you have an account or become an Instagramer I shall discover your work and engage with your business .

Happy Graming !

Please check out my instagram account here :


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