London Summer Shoots

This summer has been very busy with some amazing projects that have been in London or at least had to look like London. Embargos are restricting release of material , but soon shall be be released and published . In the meantime ,I just want to share this image of the Shard, already it has become an Iconic symbol of the most dynamic city in the world,London is for many reasons a city that I love, its culture and its beauty are why artists have celebrated its landscape and especially its relationship with the Thames. Canaletto & Turner have left a wonderful legacy of bygone images ,when the river was the heart of the city. To my mind,it still is,the reason it came into existence in Pre Roman times. It changes everyday and the views from the Thames are some of my personal favorites. I have shot Thames side since the 80's and look forward to more commissions and personal projects along the banks of the Thames.

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