Marsh & Parsons - New Advertising Portraits

Marsh & Parsons - Brand Campaign

New Additions to an award winning Campaign


I am so lucky to have such a brief ,as an advertising photographer ,the brief is the lifeblood of my work ,my personal work may be the reason I am commissioned but working with a great creative team and a brief that has a great concept is as good as it gets .

The campaign has already won industry recognition and awards and has established the bench mark for inventive communication in a sector that is already very strong in advertising communication . Its what Estate agents have to do for their clients so they are a difficult sector to produce work for ,but with such an daring client ,a brief to create a series of portraits is very bold..

With any adverting photography the key element has always got to be ‘The Idea ‘ in Mad Man Land - it is was concept that is always king .

Or it was ?

In the time of social media ,often ideas are secondary ,a viral video that is connected to a client is often seen as great ,cost effective advertising ,but is it positioning the brand correctly in the market place ?

Call me old fashioned and maybe I am ,but I love those Ads that the Brits do so well , there is a play on words ,a cultural twist ,an ironic slant or just a very good pun and that is the advertising that engages the audience, but is that what it what advertising is all about ?

Advertising is the oldest profession in the world (I shall not spell it out ,but someone had to communicate that they were available for business ?)

That is essentially what Advertising is ,it's telling the potential customers know - you are open for business !

When you think that when you are needing that type of business - that is the Brand to go to , its there in your mind ,because over the last year ,it has engaged ,entertained and communicated .You know the Brand .

Today what was known as advertising is now Brand enhancement or just Branding , all sorts of media is employed , but at its core ,if there is a great idea ,it works.

I am aware that there is anticipation to know what the next Ad is ,now here are four ,enjoy and maybe guess what next ? Will there be more ?

If there are I hope I am able to produce the images to fit the brief .

I remember when advertising photography was fun and the results were enjoyed .

It is not for me to say ,but doesn’t this campaign feel like FUN ?

It was for me and the team who made it happen ,thanks to all ,especially to the creatives and the client .

#Ilovemyjob .

Credits :

Client :Marsh & Parsons

Creative Concept : Steve Stretton ,Sarah Stretton & Associates .

Photography & Production : Lorentz Gullachsen

Assisting Photographer : Stoney Darkstone

Hair / Make Up : Zaneta Swiatlowska

Stylist : Alison Newman Mitchell

Models / Talent

Tattoo -Kerry Ann

Hair - Louis Raymond

Beard - Paul Meekin

Couple -Evelina Lui & Jim Lui

Lighting - Elincrom

Camera system - Hasselblad & Phase One

Location - Barn Studio ,Stratford on Avon .

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