Miss Lizzy ,British Journal of Photography 1974.

I just came across an old copy of the British Journal of Photography, it featured a Cover and spread I had shot when I was a student .I was lucky to have met the lady while I was staying in Cambridge,Maryland .

The lady I photographed was introduced to me as Miss Lizzy and I understand that she was the daughter of a couple who had been slaves. I was shocked ,but realised that she was in her 80's ,and would have been born in the 19th century.

Although I could not fully comprehend her history , I look back at the early 70's and realise that the civil rights movement was still working to change a society that was so divided .I was not politically aware as a young photographer ,and my path took me to less important fields of practice, I just wish I had taken more notice of the world at that time and not just followed the $.

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