New Website again .


I love technology ,when it works . As a photographer I was plunged into the world of digital technology with little choice ,digital or die . That was twenty years ago and over that time I have reluctantly embraced most new of the technologyy that a photographer is required to use as well as all those apps that are supposed to make life better ?

My first website was all at the time state of the art and although I can’t remember its technical spec it had dozens of images and did provide a shopwindow to the brave new world , the images were small but it worked .

After three more main websites for my main commercial work ,I upgraded four years ago to an all singing and dancing website that I thought was all I would ever need . One little issue was that the world changed ,most people now view websites on smart phones and tablets . My site did work on them but the site was not designed for all platforms but it worked .

Last month I was shocked to learn that my main site as well as a few specialist sites I run was no longer supported as it was made in ‘flash’ .

I know a lot about flash ,I use it every week in the course of my profession life as a photographer ,but what had it to do with my website ,techies understand that but to me it was just a name ?

Google in their wisdom thought that my flash site loaded too slow and therefore they ‘blocked’ it .

Now I should have known about this and in fact knew that a flash site was old fashioned ,but I was not expecting to suddenly disappear from the world .

However that is what happened !

So my Christmas break was interrupted by an urgent need to upgrade to a HTLM site and with many hours of reloading, re captioning and editing ,I have now got a new site .

Same images and some new material but its now live .

Please view the new site ,I would appreciate any feedback so those spell check corrections I made make sense .

My dyslexic excuse can only be used for so long .

I shall be reviewing and editing the site for another few weeks ,but I now have a site that can be seen on all devices and those nice robots at GOOGLE are allowing it to be searched and hopefully found .

Till the next tech issue ?

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