Portraits at the Stratford Literary Festival

In association with the Stratford upon Avon Literary Festival


I am taking portraits of the participants at the festival ,so far Graham Norton & Patricia Hodge have been subjects ,the festival that has a few events before the Main festival that runs in April & May 2015.

Patricia Hodge, who is famous for many roles on the Stage and TV ,however even though she has played Margret Thatcher and stared in other great productions ,her role as the mother in #Miranda (Miranda Hart) is one that somehow breaks convention and her scenes in the Sit Com ,do in my opinion ‘steal’ the limelight ,here she is photographed before the main portrait, a more ‘theatrical’ image than the more conceptual formal portraits I am shooting on medium format .

The results shall be on line at www.gullachsenlife.com my project site ,and as the great participants of the festival are announced more details of this project shall emerge

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