Poster Campaign ?

The thrill of seeing your image blown up to the size of a small house ,is one of those special moments in a photographers life when you think ‘you have made it ‘! Your image is seen by every passer-by , all those drivers passing by the thousand are seeing your image, whatever it is promoting or communicating , it is still your photograph.

Before the world of the internet,if an advertiser wished to reach large numbers ,a poster was the way to go, it did not easily target a specific market ,so a large Poster campaign was often the way to reach a massive audience. It was very expensive and still is, those massive sheets of paper with loads of ink , occupying a site that can cost £-hundreds for just for a week. £-millions were spent that way when Print & TV ruled .

However when your target audience are so geographically specific i.e (Parents of pre - school and school age girls in the Solihull area), a poster along with all the integrated on-line ads is a way forward.

This Poster is a great way to reach a very specific target audience.

I was thrilled to see my portraits of a selection of teachers at St Martin’s up on a Poster Site.

I am lucky to have shot many poster campaigns over the years but its great to see images at that scale , the fact that your image are chosen to be at that scale, a boost for the ego ? Yes, It is wonderful to remember the first time when I had a 48 sheet campaign , I wanted to stand under each one, and tell every one ,

’I shot that’.

So much for been a cool photographer ?

No, I didn’t trouble any passing pedestrian ,they just glanced at a weird photographer ,photographing a Poster !

Client: St Martin’s Girls School,Solihull.

Agency : Stratique

CD / AD: Joy Lunn

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