Product Photography - a new direction ?

CIRQUE - Sculpture or could it be a product?

Product Video ?

My partner is a sculptor and I am very happy to produce images of her work for social media and galleries to use for promotion & communication. When a piece is ready for delivery to a gallery we usually take it to a suitable location or simply photograph it in a studio. However the world has changed and just a still of a three dimensional object is not enough, nor is it easy to get the work seen in the galleries as restrictions that affect such retail spaces are changing by the day and could be restricted because of limited space?

So why not treat the work as the subject of a video, show its textures, its surface interaction with light and let potential collectors get more of an experience?

Why not shoot it like a car, a beautifully designed kitchen appliance or a feast of food? Just a stills shot of an artwork or object is the way that it was done, it maybe ok to show what a packet of washing powder looks like, so you can identify it along the aisles?

I know that commercials have done this very thing, I'm not inventing the wheel, but I am suggesting, that more stills are potentially moving. Just simple set ups, with movement and understanding of light, add a little music and hopefully this approach can be used for more clients and products that are of high value?

CIRQUE - a sculpture created by Sue Jones


Sculpture - Slate -Stainless Steel -Portland Stone.

Artist - Sue Jones

Client- Sue Jones Sculpture

Producer / Camera / Editor. Lorentz Gullachsen