Seymour Stiffs - A shocking Portrait

A recent commission that I just could not refuse ,the subject is someone who I believe you shall be seeing a great deal more of . Portraits of actors ,comedians and musicians are more challenging than they would appear . To get the balance of theatre or performance without the 'magic' of the actual performance is a tall order. The subjects are usually very good at performing for the camera, but are the results anything more than just an 'artefact' ?

It is this challenge that I love, and when the result is a collaboration the subject and the photographer work together to produce great results .

I highly recommend seeking out this provocative comedian , his act is not only entertaining , I personally find him extremely funny ,but like all great art,Mr Stiffs provokes the audience to think.

In Seymour's case ,it makes you think about life's only certainty :Death .

He does avoid the only other certainly that been,taxes after all even such a provocative artist has some limits and is not going to talk about such a disgusting subject !

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