Summer of 2018

So far this has been a seriously hot summer with near record temperatures and a drought that has impacted many especially the rural economy.

For me it has had many benefits and some really challenging issues as I shall explain.

Blue skies, these are expected on many landscapes especially in those locations where Sunshine is the norm, however an English Landscape without a cloud is weird so I have had days when I could only shoot early or late and when photographing people I am having to find or create shade.

Working with the lighter kit of today has made life a little easier, however even my light kit weighs in at 20 Kg + and often trekking 10 Kilometres at a location (So my iPhone says) has had its challenges, OK I'm not as fit as I would like, but blame that on the days I have to be on the computer processing all the images.

Studio shoots are also interesting, plunged into a dark space with no natural light for hours at a time can mess with your head, it is almost like visiting another planet, where the Sun is eclipsed and there is a permeant winter.

Am I complaining? Hell No, I love my work and I am only exaggerating what I have to deal with, except for the one day when I was commissioned to photograph the new boilers in a couple of midland Hotels, on a day that was in the 30c's - the temperature in one room was recorded as 46c. That was a little uncomfortable.

I don't work in a foundry or on a building site & I am lucky that even with any mild hardship (No good coffee shop nearby) I love this and every summer, so let it continue, but if possible please may we have rain in the evenings and some more clouds to inhabit my landscapes.

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