The Cotswolds - new directory site

I have lived in or near the Cotswolds since the 80's, even my time based in a studio in London, I would commute from the Midlands.

Although I am currently living in Stratford upon Avon, I find myself in the Cotswolds almost every week. For work ,it provides great locations ,from stunning rolling hills to honey coloured buildings that are almost too beautiful to believe.

My weekends usually include at least one long walk along the many public footpaths and across friends fields & woodland ,usually north of Stow on the Wold.

I am often without a camera , which is strange for me , but maybe I just want to enjoy the experience of been in one of the worlds most beautiful landscapes and not be working ?

However there are some times when walking with close friends & family ,I do take personal images, not for any other reason but to capture a memory of a shared experience and try and hold on to that with a digital image that just sits on a hard drive.

I came across some of those 'snaps' recently and thought ,maybe I should do something with them .

I remembered that I had a domain

COTSWOLDPHOTOGRAPHER.COM - just pointing to my commercial site , I had acquired it years ago ,when I was living in Dorsington ,which was originally a Gloucestershire village ,but is now in the Stratford on Avon District .

So I thought maybe I could use some of my images and create a new website .

It then occurred to me that it should perform a more practical function and act as a guide to my sites and associated business .

The 'creative' process is strange, what just started as a personal shoot on a walk near Illmington ,turned into a website and another venture .

So this will mean I take my camera more often on my Cotswold walks & that maybe others can share in the wonder of this special part of the UK.

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