The New Year- a studio base in Warwickshire

I have been lucky to have had the opportunity have a new base in the Warwickshire countryside, although I am still shooting on location and will always continue be a location advertising and portrait photographer above all else, however I have had extensive experience in studios since my days in my Studio ‘Pictures’ which I ran from the 70’s till 1988. Over the years I shot many cars and subjects that required a studio, working with great art directors and clients, many of the images were put into landscapes with postproduction.

Shooting many portraits and models in studios in the UK and aboard. I even had to shoot at locations that were converted to Studios especially where I had to shoot animals, such as diary cows, who could not be transported to a studio without great trauma.

It is ironic that I’m now based in a Barn.

The studio is a drive in facility of 850sq ft that has an infinity cove. Having spent years of my life in some of the Uk’s best Car studios, I know what a real car studio is and the Barn is not a Car Studio.

However it can accommodate room sets, bikes and most of the usual subject that a studio has to shoot. I’m hoping that this additional asset will ensure that I’m considered for studio-based work.

It will be a great place to shoot portraits and we have already shot some work and have found its characteristics compare favourably with studios I have shot in, it compares with many of best hire studios in London.

As new marketing now requires video as well as still images I have continuous lighting and DSLR video enabled kit, I have High end Phase One, Hasselblad and specialist rigs for stills and video. This is work in progress, so I shall be adding more studios based new images that are shot at the studio,