Venice 30 photography exhibition OPEN till 31st May 2014

Venice 30

1984 was an interesting year, George Orwell was possibly a little pessimistic about how it would turn out. I thought it was a great year, it certainly was for me. Prince was playing ‘When Doves Cry’, Indiana Jones ‘was at the movies and I was shooting Cars.

I was commissioned to photograph a Bentley Turbo for a launch brochure. Travelling across Europe by way of the route that the Orient Express took and ended up in Venice.

Working with the very Talented Bruce Matchett, who at the time was an Art Director at Cogent Elliot agency in Solihull.

The many days driving and photographing the Bentley across Europe was to say the least a little tiring.

When the crew arrived outside Venice having completed the job,we were ready for a good rest.

I had a free day and although I was tired and had the opportunity to lie in at the hotel and rest, I decided to catch the very early Vaporetta to St Marks on the Grand Canal and so started my long love affair with the City in the Sea.

That morning I shot my Flowerman image that went on to become one of the worlds most published images, it was recognised and published in creative review and helped elevate my career in many ways. Over the last thirty years I have returned to shoot commissions for clients such as Honda and Airmails as well as shoot stock and personal images on all formats from 5x4 to DSLR’s.

Last year I was in Venice for a commission and managed to extend my stay to see most of the wonderful Biennale and to shoot more images of my beloved Venice.

I have assembled 30 images to represent the thirty years since I first visited the city. The images range from commissions to just personal observations. The majority are from last year when I tried to record how I dream of the City. Using shift / tilt lens and using almost no post production, I hope I have captured something of the dream like quality of the city. There are monochrome images as well as multipart comps that show a UK High street on the side of the Grand Canal and a few gondolas

The exhibition is at Calumet, Drummond St, and London NW1, from 17th April till The 31st May. Viewing hours are worth checking as the gallery space maybe used for Talks, so please check if you wish to visit.

Venice 30 –sponsored by Epson

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