What a professional photographer charges ?

This week I took delivery of a new DSLR - it's a Nikon D850. I had ordered it a few months ago when it was released and although I have a D810 the previous top end version, I knew I was going to have the upgrade, not because I am a Camera fanatic, but because I have to have the best equipment to deliver quality images.

This £3.5k camera shall probably last me a couple of years, that is nothing to compare to my Medium format equipment that is in the £10k's.

What has this got to do with what a photographer charges? Quite a lot!

When you commission a professional photographer you expect him to supply a camera, lights and the computer and hard drives to process the images & naturally his expertise.

A professional should also have Transport, PL (Public Liability) insurance.

He or she should also have a duplicate of almost all the kit that can fail on a shoot, so they can carry on shooting even if a camera has failed.

A good selection of quality lens, appropriate to the job.

That also depends on the commission, but a reasonable selection would be a few primes especially the wide angles and a portrait lens, a macro lens and maybe good fast zoom.

So what does that cost ?

If the equipment was hired for the day this is what it would cost from a rental specialist.

Nikon D850 - main camera £95

Nikon D610 . Back-Up £65

20mm Wide £20

35mm £25

85mm £25

105mm Macro £18

24mm-70mm Zoom £35

70mm-200mm Zoom . £35


Portable 3 head kit with stands &

light modifiers £100

Mac Book Pro £95

TOTAL £513

(All excluding VAT & from WEX & Flash Centre current price list)

There are the costs for PL insurance and running a car to add to that but when a photographer quotes please consider this.

To provide basic equipment for a quality result you have to expect the photographer to charge more than just the cost of his kit ?

When a photographer quotes for your commission - he also has to pay the rent, feed himself and have an income that is realistic.

Or you can use someone who has a camera and does it for fun?

If you value your professional image and want to look after your business employ a professional, pay a realistic rate and remember that a professional photographer delivers.

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