• iNo


    Smart phones are they the new God ?

  • Art  & Concept    photographer

    Art & Concept photographer

    Drowning in a Consumer Flood. Global warming and consumerism ? Conceptual and Landscape based photographer working on Art projects since 1988.

  • like sheep

    like sheep

    as consumers do we always have to follow the flock?

  • Gamers are playing indoors

    Gamers are playing indoors

    Obesity is a major threat to children , activites such as football have been replaced by games on screens.

  • deforesttation


    consumers effect the planet in so many ways, a supermarket shop influences the forests of the world, they are a hope in changing the world if we look after them.

  • Stones


    Consumers are taking away the stone from British beaches and destroying the quality of some . It is illegal .

  • Porthleven


    Any port in a Storm - A very stormy January shows the welcoming lights of the Harbour at Porthleven. The Cornish village I have visited for years and never seen two days the same, the light ever changing and always special, or am I just an old romantic ?

  • Cotswolds Oak

    Cotswolds Oak

    Trees have a magical quality ,this is part of an ongoing project that I may never finish.

  • Healthcare image bank commission

    Healthcare image bank commission

    For a series of lifestyle images for healthcare client - now stock

  • Elan Valley

    Elan Valley

    Part of project on the Elan Valley - Ghosts of the Valley .


Ideas, concepts, fine art call it what you may? Photography that is deliberately creating images that are deliberately or informing maybe considered art, however ,art is so subjective and there are many photographs that are technically great but don't say anything. Concepts are ideas and a photograph that communicates a concept can be therefore be described as a Concept photograph.

I am a serious photographer, but I try not to take myself too seriously

Concept Photography

Concept photography is the production of images that are created to communicate a concept, they can also be considered Art photography, the purpose maybe to provoke or make an issue discussed or just raise a question, the most difficult of images.

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