• iNo


    Smart phones are they the new God ?

  • Art  & Concepts    photographer

    Art & Concepts photographer

    Drowning in a Consumer Flood. Global warming and consumerism ? Conceptual and Landscape based photographer working on Art projects since 1988.

  • like sheep

    like sheep

    as consumers do we always have to follow the flock?

  • Gamers are playing indoors

    Gamers are playing indoors

    Obesity is a major threat to children , activites such as football have been replaced by games on screens.

  • Trolley in the woods

    Trolley in the woods

  • Stones


    Consumers are taking away the stone from British beaches and destroying the quality of some . It is illegal .

  • Porthleven


    Any port in a Storm - A very stormy January shows the welcoming lights of the Harbour at Porthleven. The Cornish village I have visited for years and never seen two days the same, the light ever changing and always special, or am I just an old romantic ?

  • Cotswolds Oak

    Cotswolds Oak

    Trees have a magical quality ,this is part of an ongoing project that I may never finish.

  • Healthcare image bank commission

    Healthcare image bank commission

    For a series of lifestyle images for healthcare client - now stock

  • Elan Valley

    Elan Valley

    Part of project on the Elan Valley - Ghosts of the Valley .