Extinction Rebellion

Rebels with a cause, portraits of Extinction Rebellion - Oxford activists.

  • Rev Tim  Hewes - Rebel with a Cause.

    Rev Tim Hewes - Rebel with a Cause.

  • Anne Maclachlan

    Anne Maclachlan

  • Mila Todd

    Mila Todd

  • Jane Carey

    Jane Carey

  • Sue Spencer-Longhurst

    Sue Spencer-Longhurst

  • Jessica Upton

    Jessica Upton

  • Xanthe Wells

    Xanthe Wells

  • Sarah Lasenby

    Sarah Lasenby

  • Dr Ines Smyth

    Dr Ines Smyth

  • Braden Sheehy

    Braden Sheehy

  • Tobias Sturmer

    Tobias Sturmer

  • April Jones

    April Jones

  • Alex Wenham

    Alex Wenham

  • Toby Anderson

    Toby Anderson

  • Hazel Dawn

    Hazel Dawn

  • Michael Beattie

    Michael Beattie

  • Lydia Hall

    Lydia Hall

  • Nelly Skenda

    Nelly Skenda

  • Abraham Antony

    Abraham Antony

  • Till Weidner

    Till Weidner

  • Cath Blackfeather

    Cath Blackfeather

  • Ben Kenward

    Ben Kenward

Extinction Rebels - the faces of those who are trying to save our planet

Portraits of Oxford Extinction rebellion members during a demonstration in Central Oxford during farming Conference January 2020

Rebels with a cause.

Portraits of Oxford Extinction Rebellion members, images captured during the Oxford Farming Conference. The aim of the XR presence was to advocate sustainable food production, it is just part of the changes that need to happen so the future is viable. I wanted to produce portraits that communicated the individuals that are involved with great passion and commitment, not just for today's generation but for future generations. It is interesting that such a diverse group of people are joined in this cause. The current. pandemic has grabbed all the attention, and it is a massive global problem, however this pandemic is just a small issue compared to the much wider climate threat. I admire these Rebels, they are making a difference, I may not agree with some tactics, but we need them to highlight all that needs to be done, we are running out of time.