Industrial photographer, working in Warwickshire,Coventry,North Cotswolds and across the UK

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Industrial and corporate photographer working in Warwickshire, Coventry, West Midlands,London & across the UK.

Producing photography for industry and commerce, in a variety of styles and approaches, based in Stratford on Avon, I cover Warwickshire, Coventry, Birmingham and across the UK, providing images that work on websites, annual reports and across all media, highly stylised or simple reportage, appropriate to the audience and communication of the Brand.

Industrial Photographer

Photographer of industry and commerce across Warwickshire, Coventry, North Cotswolds and across the UK.

Ever since I set up a studio in the 1970's in Birmingham, I have worked on industrial projects, often in factories, warehouses & even on Oil platforms in the North Sea and the USA.

I have used a variety of styles to deliver images that communicate the workings of industry. Annual reports, websites and all media that require images of the industrial and commercial.

Many websites are sadly using generic stock images that do not represent the actual business, images of 'models' in pristine overalls pointing with meaning?

I believe that the customers respect that real people work in factories and they should look real, that is the type of image I deliver, especially portraits of workers and directors, and producing images that give a reality and connectivity to the customers.