• Industrial  Photographer

    Industrial Photographer

    CAT - Caterpillar -on location in Germany ,Agency : Young & Rubicam Geneva. - Multi part photograph comprising of trucks ,man and parts with a sky shot in Warwickshire .

  • Custom Design Package

    Custom Design Package

  • Pattern cutter

    Pattern cutter

  • Factory logistics packaging .jpg

    Factory logistics packaging .jpg

  • Packaging Website images

    Packaging Website images

  • inspector


    Johnson & Johnson -medical

  • R&H logistics -overnight service

    R&H logistics -overnight service

  • Octavia


  • M1  logistics

    M1 logistics

  • cert octavia

    cert octavia

  • cert octavia

    cert octavia

  • cert octavia

    cert octavia

  • Cert  Octavia

    Cert Octavia

  • cert_octavia


  • Freudenberg


    Land Rover - Solihull

  • Real City Workers

    Real City Workers

  • West Midlands Gas

    West Midlands Gas

  • John Emery,Project manager Bull Ring

    John Emery,Project manager Bull Ring

  • RH logistics

    RH logistics

    Liverpool Air Land & Sea

  • Logistics & Truck   Photographer

    Logistics & Truck Photographer

    RH Logistics. Euro Tunnel Terminal. This is one of the images that was photographed on location for the rebranding of this company .

  • Persimmon Builders

    Persimmon Builders

    Trade Show Poster - Glasgow

  • Caterpillar Germany

    Caterpillar Germany

  • Recycling campaign

    Recycling campaign

  • City Trader

    City Trader

    Photo of a City Trader between two screens

  • Quarry - Germany

    Quarry - Germany

    As part of a shoot for Y&R Geneva for Caterpillar Europe . Industrial and mining photography ,assisted by lighting from above .

  • DHL


    Photography in Cape Town - location for B2B campaign - to communicate that you can leave your logistics to DHL and you can get on with Business

  • Architectural Practice required record of project

    Architectural Practice required record of project

  • Stratford Self Storage update for website

    Stratford Self Storage update for website

  • Warehouse Storage

    Warehouse Storage

  • Container Self Store Stratford

    Container Self Store Stratford

  • Pod Storage module

    Pod Storage module

  • Office facility for hire  -  Stratford Self Store

    Office facility for hire - Stratford Self Store

  • MSE - website & print

    MSE - website & print

    Walsall College documenting installation

  • Chamberlin & Hill

    Chamberlin & Hill

  • Chamberlin & Hill

    Chamberlin & Hill

  • Chamberlin & Hill

    Chamberlin & Hill

  • Chamberlin & Hill

    Chamberlin & Hill

Industrial Photographer Warwickshire based working across the West Midlands,Coventry, Warwick, Leamington Spa and the Cotswolds.

As my first Studio was in Birmingham it was inevitable that I would have industrial clients that required photography of the products they produced and the factories and warehouses that were part of the industrial landscape in the 20th century, even though I went to work internationally mainly for the tourism and automotive industries, I still had clients that would use me for annual reports and the more 'real' industrial photography, using natural and controlled light, I was able to produce image banks for the reports and editorial material for trade magazines.

I am equally at home in the boardroom or on the shop floor, possibly helped by my time working in a fastening factory in West Bromwich during my summer holidays and growing up in the area that created Heavy Metal but was not just a musical style. I am aware that manufacturing has changed and nano technology and the service side of industry has changed what is required for an industrial photographer, high speed cameras, specialist rigs and high speed flash are often required to produce images that show the industry of today.

The workers and the human side of the process and story are what interests me most, so it is when you require a photograph of workers working or represented in a way that shows a positive and dynamic image for the industry sector, please consider me, phone or email for a no nonsense appraisal of your needs and a realistic inclusive quote. Lorentz Gullachsen lorentz@gullachsen.com 01608 695050