• Ascot


    Ladies Day-from a personal project 'A day at the Races' exploring tribal identity. This approach works for commercial clients when marketing destinations. Advertising reportage is a description I use ,when subjects seem unaware of a camera , the images communicate that the image is real.

  • Fish & Chips

    Fish & Chips

    Black Country Museum , Dudley in the West Midlands. This commissioned portrait was for the Heart of England Tourism -part of Visit England. A few minutes to access set up lights and get out to allow the Chip shop to open to some very hungry visitors. The image was selected for the SUN awards.

  • Ladies Day

    Ladies Day

    Royal Ascot this image was selected for the International Color Awards and the AoP open. This was the beginning of my extensive 'Day at the Races' project.

  • Farmer & Cow

    Farmer & Cow

    This is one of a series of portraits with real farmers and their families and animals for Merial - a pharmaceutical Company for an advertising campaign targeting the Dairy and Stock industry in the UK and Eire.

  • Acuvue -Europe

    Acuvue -Europe

    Ronda - Malaga Province, Andalucia. EuroRSCGlife. London. Big Foot Productions. AD Jonathan Yuiell .This couple were cast in Seville and photographed in Malaga & Ronda for the contact lens product Acuvue -for Johnson & Johnson. Healthcare Photography

  • Prague - Kendal

    Prague - Kendal

    Reportage Advertising for Kendal who trial pharmaceutical products across many markets - this constructed image was in Prague and the other images from this series were in London, Mexico City and Washington DC. A very nice commission that was well received.

  • DHL-  Africa

    DHL- Africa

    This advertising campaign was photographed in Cape Town for DHL. The concept was that DHL would look after your logistics and the business owner could get on with work.

  • Farmer


    Portrait of Organic Farmer for FWAG - Farming and Wildlife Group . This image was taken in Gloucestershire. A real farmer on a real farm for annual report and media use.

  • Bowling Ladies

    Bowling Ladies

    Leamington Spa - originally a personal project that was photographed in Leamington Spa at the Victoria Park Bowling greens. A chance trip to a meeting in Leamington Spa diverted me past the park. I went to my meeting and on return I photographed this typical English scene. It was shot on film and went on to win awards and was used for commercial marketing in the West Midlands.

  • Tunisian Desert

    Tunisian Desert

    travel photography for Tunisian Tourist Board

  • Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    Lifestyle photography

  • Shelter from Storm

    Shelter from Storm

    Image bank for healthcare

  • storm warning

    storm warning

  • Retirement


    originally a commission for a healthcare and then stock material - images are constructed to be used as a backdrop for advertising or editorial copy.

  • NHC


    Healthcare products,brochure and web .

  • Shopping & Fun -Birmingham

    Shopping & Fun -Birmingham

  • Ladies Day Royal Ascot

    Ladies Day Royal Ascot

  • nurse


    Healthcare Coloplast for EURO -RSCG - on location in Newcastle on Tyne

  • British Lung Foundation

    British Lung Foundation

    Head Office Staff in London

  • British Lung Foundation

    British Lung Foundation

  • British Lung Foundation

    British Lung Foundation

    Couple on location .The portrait was taken to illustrate a feature on carers and the need to have respite support

  • Cheltenham Festival

    Cheltenham Festival

  • BSM - driving instructor and student

    BSM - driving instructor and student

  • British School of Motoring

    British School of Motoring

  • Fisherman


    On location in Norfolk I came across this gentleman . He was looking out to sea and accessing what he was going to catch?

Lifestyle Photographer-photography of 'natural' lifestyle for advertising and marketing. Producing images that communicate a way of life for marketing & communication.

Professional photography for advertising and editorial use, this photographic style appears totally natural and just observed, however models and very styled location set ups are employed. The results are often used for editorial as well as creating a large image bank that can be used to support marketing communication in many media.