• Wellington & The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street

    Wellington & The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street

    City of London the financial heartland with the Bank of England that is a backdrop for so many TV news items.

  • London  Photographer

    London Photographer

    The City of London extends to the river and the Norman Foster designed Millenium Bridge which then crosses over to Tate Modern and the South Bank. Based in London at the time I worked on this project as a Travel Photographer and produced stock images of London for the travel industry .

  • City of London

    City of London

    Urban landscape clashes with hisotric statue

  • Bank of England

    Bank of England

    The historic Bank of England

  • Textures City

    Textures City

    The City of London -Photographed with the Gherkin

  • City of London Skyline

    City of London Skyline

    The iconic skyline of London

  • City of London Trading Area

    City of London Trading Area

    Scale shot of London's trading area

  • City Trading

    City Trading

  • The Gherkin

    The Gherkin

    The famous Gherkin

  • Bank Underground

    Bank Underground

    Shot of the Bank Underground

  • Property


  • St Paul's

    St Paul's

    London City

  • Lloyds detail

    Lloyds detail

    Detail shot of the Lloyds building

  • Lloyds


    Lloyds corporate building

  • Lime Street EC3

    Lime Street EC3

    Image of Lime street sign

  • Lloyds Detail

    Lloyds Detail

    Detail photo of Lloyds building

  • Lloyds lift

    Lloyds lift

    Image of Lloyds building lift

  • Lloyds,Stock Exchange,

    Lloyds,Stock Exchange,

    Lloyds stock exchange

  • Construction City

    Construction City

    The constatnly changing London landscape

  • City of London

    City of London

    Iconic Gherkin with a classic historic building

  • Lloyds -City of London

    Lloyds -City of London

  • The Square Mile

    The Square Mile

    London's financial district

  • Leadenhall Street EC3

    Leadenhall Street EC3

  • City of London

    City of London

    Shooting on location in the City of London, many images of the City of London are emplyed to repreent the finacial indusrty, a more subtle way than many stock images of currencies and graph charts.

  • City of London

    City of London

  • City Dragon

    City Dragon

    The dragon of London

  • Real City Workers

    Real City Workers

    The real people of London

  • Shard


    Now one of the major icons ,this photograph of the Shard shows how it dominates the landscape .South of the Thames it still features as one of the dominant structures and represents the new vibrant cyber industries that are now a part of the global business run from London

City of London - corporate photographer

I have worked out of London for over 25 years ,I use hire studios when required ,but my location photography is often in London from Mayfair to Docklands.

City of London - Corporate Photographer

I have extensive experience photographing in London especially in the City, for finance and many business that are are web based ecommerce and cyber security based, often images of the city as well as portraits and headshots produce the material that communicates the business to clients, public and the appropriate audience that the images have to connect with. Combined with video the work has use on social media and as direct mail assets. The images in this folio are a selection of personal and commissioned corporate photography often using shift/ tilt technique along with treatments that can help create a Brand look for a city company, be it insurance or banking, trading or financial advice.

The financial and corporate world are changing and not all business is located in London, Birmingham and Coventry have both experienced new ventures and moves to create many large and small companies who require corporate images, for website,brochures and all media, as I am based in Warwickshire why not use a London photographer to work on your next photography project?

Please see the portrait and headshots folios for further material that may convince you to commission me as a corporate photographer in the City of London or wherever you are based in the UK. Corporate Headshots