Networking Hero's

Networking Hero's - portraits of those who give more to their network, facilitating and generously giving time and advice

  • Networking Hero's
  • Christine Anderson
  • Hana Smiddy
  • Michael Thomas
  • Gus  Bhandal
  • Charlie Budd

Networking Hero's

Back even before the Pandemic, there have been certain people who have given business advice and insights, not just as marketing strategy but with genuine generosity.

The Pandemic arrived and businesses were decimated , however some people set up on-line networking and support groups. These were a life-line to many and at the time I thought it was worthy of acknowledging .

Move on to the opening up after lockdown and I met my friend and fellow photographer Charlie Budd who stood out as one of those who facilitated many zooms with creatives and was always a positive fellow!

I was setting up for a shoot at the Stratford Literary Festival and asked him to step in so I could check the lighting, and I managed to get a great portrait that began the concept that is Network Hero’s

I have gone on to take portraits of many that I consider Network hero’s, it is an ongoing project and I aim to share some portraits of those who have been and continue to be stars of the Networking universe.