Entrance to the Claridges hotel, London

  • New Zealand for 02.

    New Zealand for 02.

    'Gifts' 02 Campaign for AIS,shot in New Zealand,with searchparty productions.

  • Cape Town

    Cape Town

    Apartments with view

  • Lodge & Resturant

    Lodge & Resturant

    This Lodge - Queensland Australia is a destination hotel and shows how a hotel photographer would light a property at twilight along with guests by a fireside .

  • St Michael's Mount

    St Michael's Mount

    Cornwall, this was the money shot after two days waiting for the weather to clear. However I prefer the more moody image and it illustrates that a landscape photographer above all else requires patience .Final ad did not appear as the research came back poor. I still love advertising photography .

  • E&J Gallo

    E&J Gallo

    constructed facade Bay area for DPS magazine ad

  • Abstract Buildings

    Abstract Buildings

    Hotel photography often requires detail of property and shows a feel for a place rather that a traditional view.

  • Ragley Grand Hall

    Ragley Grand Hall

    Set for Wedding -using portable flash with daylight as well as specialist shift / tilt lens captures large interiours and small with great quality .

  • Bathroom detail

    Bathroom detail

    features have to be isolated to show quality of features .

  • fountain


    Garden detail for hotels and venues

  • Hotel garden

    Hotel garden

    detail to provide image bank for hotel website and brochure

  • Welcombe Hotel

    Welcombe Hotel

    Golf at Stratford upon Avon Hotel



    Kenwood House

  • Lakeside Hotel

    Lakeside Hotel

    Lake district hotel jetty

  • Pool Abstract

    Pool Abstract

    Hotel photography may require images for copy to work ,this was just one of those images .

  • Charingworth Manor

    Charingworth Manor

  • Ford Abbey

    Ford Abbey

    Bar detail

  • Tunisian dining

    Tunisian dining

  • Cotswold Stay

    Cotswold Stay

    Drinks at Cotswold location .As the North Cotswolds crosses into Heart of England Territory .Image Bank for English Tourist Board .

  • Malmaison -Birmingham

    Malmaison -Birmingham

    To promote weekend breaks in Birmingham and the wider Heart of England ,this is one of the many images commissioned by Heart of England / English Tourist Board .

  • Dormy House, Cotswolds

    Dormy House, Cotswolds

    Warm interior of the wonderful Dormy House Hotel in the Cotswolds.

  • coventry millenium bridge


    Millenium Bridge photographed for Visit England. (image was selected for the RPS open )

  • Event Venue - Birmingham Botanical Gardens

    Event Venue - Birmingham Botanical Gardens

  • interiour for designer

    interiour for designer

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