Experienced photographer of restaurants and food photographer based in Warwickshire and working with groups and independent restaurants in Warwickshire and Coventry, including,Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth and the Cotswolds.

  • Food Photographer- plate of Pork from No9 Stratford upon Avon.

    Food Photographer

    Photographed at the No 9 restaurant in Stratford upon Avon. My background with Food Photography goes back to my days as a student when one day a week I was able to study at the studio of Cadbury's in Bourneville, Birmingham. It was there that I was able to learn my still life and food photography craft from Masters . It was a possible career path as I love food and photographing its preparation and then capturing the creations of great chefs and food stylists,always a pleasure. During my career I have shot editorial food photography as well as advertising with food as part of the brief ,

  • Skillet - Garlic & Chill Prawns

    Skillet - Garlic & Chill Prawns

  • Venue Photography - at the Birmingham Botanical gardens .

    Venue Photography - at the Birmingham Botanical gardens .

    A venue may have many setups and be used for a variety of clients,from corporate to wedding . I try to capture the professional qualities that the venue has. Often using techniques such as blurred personel .This implies speed and efficency and of course service ,a key aspect of the hospitality industry. Again using specialist lighting and lens, this technique is subtle but it is understood by those key decision makers who will see many alternative venues and visit many websites. This is why as a venue you must use professional photographers that produce the quality that a discerning audience will appreciate .

  • The Talbot Gasto-Pub at Knightwick

    The Talbot Gasto-Pub at Knightwick

    Food and destination pubs was a great commission for the Guardian photographing Gastro Pubs in the Midlands including Oxfordshire ,Warwickshire and here at Worcestershire . This was my local pub of choice when I lived in the Teme Valley, sadly it is liable to flood as in 2007 hopefully flood defences will help and it shall remain open all year. This is one of Jay Rayners favorite's !

  • Cocktails at Birmingham Botanical Gardens .

    Cocktails at Birmingham Botanical Gardens .

    A limited focus image that provides a 'feel' of the location and provides a visual commuication that indicates the location is not a Hotel or Venue - the green background was employed in many of the images shot for this commission. Using a macro Shift / tilt lens,that is usually used for Macro photography . I use this specialist equipment on many projects and is a useful but expensive piece of quality glass . Technical Details : Nikon D810 - Nikkor 85mm f3.5 S/T lens .

  • Falkland Arms ,Great Tew ,Oxfordshire.

    Falkland Arms ,Great Tew ,Oxfordshire.

    From the editorial photography I shot for the guide on Gasto Pubs ,published by the Guardian, a commission I loved ,but sadly was unable to sample the wonderful beers ! I never drink when I'm a photographer but when I'm finished and not driving ,my drink of choice when here is a Pint (or two) of OldHooky !

  • Private Dining

    Private Dining

    Small private dining space at Stratford on Avon resturant for website .

  • Stratford upon Avon

    Stratford upon Avon

    Photography of couple enjoying a cream tea at the waterside in Stratford upon Avon .This was a commission for the British Waterways. Photography of diners and those enjoying some foods are particulary difficult as it is not a photoically attractive activity, so a little fun hopefully gets the enjoyment factor accrosss?

  • Interiour Photography

    Interiour Photography

    Birmingham Botanical Gardens - Grand Ballroom - photographed for the website and brochures to promote the venue . This is aimed at the Wedding market ,a great venue for a reception at a location with a twist.

  • Tunisian dining

    Tunisian dining

    Working for the Tunisian Tourist Board, I was lucky to have taken a number of models and traveled across many wonderful locations, this image was a way of showing the family friendly approach to dining and leaving a space for copy to run.

  • Location  Portrait  Photographer

    Location Portrait Photographer

    Tea room in Shropshire .The Bird on the Rock. Visit England commissioned, via the Heart of England Tourist Board. This beautiful cafe was styled as if a 1920's cafe with Art Deco and other period furniture, a great destination that became a coach party destination for many international tourists. Photography of such a location required control of the lighting with a mass of of camera reflectors.

  • Sushi


    Food photography shot in the Ragley Hall cafe area ,having the old tabletop ensures that the food looks like it was produced in house rather than a stock image that many venues may use.

  • Summer Fruit  Tarts

    Summer Fruit Tarts

    Food photography on location. A s one of my first professional experiences was with food photography & as a former chef I feel I have a little qualification to photograph food.

  • Chef Portrait

    Chef Portrait

    Wayne Thomson - Chef / Proprietor

  • Shaun Hill - Chef & Patron

    Shaun Hill - Chef & Patron

    At the Walnut Tree, Abergavenny .This gentleman was at the forefront of the British Food revival ,here photographed at his restaurant in Wales ,with the landscape that makes this part of the UK such a great place to visit and enjoy world class food .This was a commissioned editorial portrait for the New York magazine 'Sherman's Travel'.



  • Cream Tea in English country garden. Editorial

    Cream Tea in English country garden. Editorial

    Cream scones, tea,clotted cream,

  • No 9 Stratford upon Avon

    No 9 Stratford upon Avon

    Chef : Wayne Thomsom

  • Service


  • No 9

    No 9

    Restaurant in Stratford upon Avon, Wayne Thomson Chef & Patron is one of the midlands if not the UK's finest - IMHO. In the Kitchen at No 9 the great masterpieces are created in this creative hub.The technique of using mono and colour photography mix is a useful tool to highlight the food and retain the enviroment of a kitchen that are often cluttered and distracting .

  • Service at No 9.

    Service at No 9.


  • No 9 ,Stratford upon Avon

    No 9 ,Stratford upon Avon

    Deserts, especially cold ones are hard to photograph as they start melting and in a hot kitchen it is almost impossible . Speedy delivery to a cooler location is the restaurant will give you a chance, especially if you have set up and tested the lights.

  • Hilton Head

    Hilton Head

    South Carolina -editorial, for Sunset Magazines, this was for a Honda magaine and I had to travel around the USA coast photographing islands that you could drive on, from North West, Washington State,Texas, San Padre Island, Arcadia national park in Maine and here at Hilton Head. Sadly commissions such as this are rare.

  • Finger food

    Finger food

    catering for corporate event photography at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens- Presentation with Mushrooms on slate in a seedling box .Lighting from LED spot and Daylight .

  • Hibiscus Ludlow

    Hibiscus Ludlow

    Claude Bosi at his Hibiscus Restaurant a signiture dish photographed at his Ludlow location before he moved to London .Commission for the Heart of England tourist Board .

  • Editorial


    Cardiff -Woods - For Sherman Travel -New York travel magazine .

  • Cafe Rouge - Cheltenham

    Cafe Rouge - Cheltenham

    set up for events -Casual Dining

  • Cafe Rouge - Cheltenham

    Cafe Rouge - Cheltenham

    for Casual Dining -update of website

  • EMBA - cast iron cookware

    EMBA - cast iron cookware

    website & social media

  • Prawns in Chilli & Garlic

    Prawns in Chilli & Garlic

  • Griddle - Lamb kebabs

    Griddle - Lamb kebabs

Restaurants, cafe's and gastro pubs, photographer, working across the UK,based in Warwickshire

Photography of the interiors and exteriors of dining locations, and producing images of food, portraits of the staff especially the chefs and patrons that are often the Brand.


Restaurant and catering trade photographer based in Warwickshire and working in Coventry, Leamington Spa, Warwick and the Cotswolds.

As an advertising photographer I have to be able to tackle a enormous variety of briefs, along the way I have produced many interior photographs for hotels,restaurants and often for destinations and attractions,the commission maybe direct or more usually from a designer or web-developer. The client can be the location or a supplier of the interior design or fitting of the kitchen appliances or other technical equipment from dishwashers to Sous Vide Machines, for over 25 years I have found myself in working restaurants or photographed the set ups as demo work stations, to studio set builds that require a week build for just one key brochure image. I am more on location and although I can produce a studio based project, there are specialist room set photographers that are better equipped to execute that style of photography.

I believe my strength is producing image banks for the website and social media to market a restaurant be it a fine dining establishments or a national chain of casual dining restaurants. I enjoy working with the catering staff and showing them in a positive manner, producing studio style food photography in a restaurant often just setting up a small pop-up studio, with flash or continuous light, to provide the images for a website but also for the hungry social media, Instagram, FaceBook & other platforms require feeding with a stream of images, often just variations on a theme that can be posted across the restaurants busy year .

Why does a restaurant need photography of the interior and images of the food?

A restaurant requires great professional images for marketing and communication, however in this day and age, the website is the showcase of the establishment, that has to be a good representation of the output of the business and an appropriate brand style has to evolve, from fine dining to generous rustic, from specific styles too New Fusion the variety of restaurants is more diverse in the United Kingdom, especially London than anywhere on the planet with the possible exception of New York? The Photographic style has to reflect that diversity, the decor and presentation shall dictate, but so does the food photography and it can be high key, to low key with choices of depth of focus and resolution and the treatment .

Please contact me to discuss your photography requirements for your Restaurant at or simply pick up that old fashioned telephone and dial 01608 695050 and we can chat without any obligation.

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