• Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

    Brochure and Web commission - now stock image .

  • Scarborough


    Used as a location for a healthcare photography shoot ,it still is a great tourist destination and

  • Maldives


    Korean Air -Advertising Campaign

  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

  • E&J Gallo

    E&J Gallo

    Bay Area & Bay bridge - constructed foreground and modified skyline .

  • Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty

    Commissioned by Leo Burnett for Proctor & Gamble - AD Stuart Newman .

  • Oman


    Commission for Concorde Watches - AD - David Jeffery

  • Tunisia


    Commissioned by Dynamo - for The Tunisian Tourist Board - Poster , Print & Web.

  • Spain


    Andaluzia , landscapes , Jerez Sherry,windmills just missing the bulls.

  • Venice


    November Rain ,St Marks Square

  • Black Country Museum

    Black Country Museum

    Why in travel section? This is a great destination for UK and international visitors - Travel as a catorgary is related to context use .

  • Coventry


    Commissioned by Heart of England Tourism / English Tourist Board . This image has one many awards and hopefully created interest in Coventry that is currently enjoying a great revival and I highly recommend a visit to this historic city ,its not just the Cathedral and Lady Godiva .

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

    North Island -west coast .

  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

  • Cape Verde Islands

    Cape Verde Islands

    Arriving at this small beach at midday ,I was stuck with light that is less than ideal , However employing a very high shutter speed to allow a wide aperture ,I captured this image that I believe works as it has a soft background for type and does not distract from the wonderful graphics on the boat . I would love to have taken the painted Lion and used it as a painting ? This art is part of the beauty that is the Cape Verde Islands,a destination well worth exploring .As a travel photographer ,it has to be one of my favorite locations ,still unexploited.

  • Cape Town

    Cape Town

    I have worked at this location on a variety of projects -this is a personal image that was taken on a day off .

  • San Marco ,Venice Lion

    San Marco ,Venice Lion

    A shot from my 'Dream of Venice' series , Exhibited in 2014 at Calumet ,Drumond Street London NW1.

  • Venice


  • English Bowlers

    English Bowlers

  • Bryce Canyon

    Bryce Canyon

    JP Morgan pensions

  • Queensland ,Australia

    Queensland ,Australia

    Phillip Morris - Four Squares

  • Fago - Cape Verde Islands

    Fago - Cape Verde Islands

  • Porthleven - Cornwall

    Porthleven - Cornwall

    A very stormy January shows the welcoming lights of the Harbour at Porthleven . The Cornish villageI have visited for years and never seen two days the same , the light ever changing and always special , or am I just an old romantic ?

  • Paris


    Airmiles -commission -AIS - AD -Steve Stretton

  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

    Cover pic - fish collected from beach

  • Giudecca Canal

    Giudecca Canal

    From Giudecca early morning sunrise looking over to Venice and the silhouettes of the Basilicas my hero Turner would approve .

  • Venice


    Using a tilt shift lens I shot this after waiting for a suitable gondolier was framed in the far window .

  • London  Photography

    London Photography

    The City of London extends to the river and the Norman Foster designed Millenium Bridge which then crosses over to Tate Modern and the South Bank. Based in London at the time I worked on this project as a Travel Photographer and produced stock images of London for the travel industry .

  • Matera


    A World Heritage Site ,well worth a detour to a town in the Rocks . Now populated with hotels and more .

  • location wine photographer

    location wine photographer

    Vineyard in Sonoma Valley California A set up shot of grape picker in amongst the Vines ,shot on a Linhof 5x4 camera . Now I use PhaseOne and Hasselblad ,results are very simular but film and processing would be £500 plus scanning of selected image

  • Maldives


    I have shot two advertising commissions in this wonderful location -this was a stock image on 5x4 for a subsequent background for a bath manufacturer.

  • Walsall Arboretum

    Walsall Arboretum

    travel photography ? - yes destinations are anywhere and here is a great example of a Victorian legacy that is a gem near the Town and a great asset to the community.

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