• Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

    Brochure and Web commission - now stock image .

  • Scarborough


    Used as a location for a healthcare photography shoot ,it still is a great tourist destination and

  • Maldives


    Korean Air -Advertising Campaign

  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

  • E&J Gallo

    E&J Gallo

    Bay Area & Bay bridge - constructed foreground and modified skyline .

  • Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty

    Commissioned by Leo Burnett for Proctor & Gamble - AD Stuart Newman .

  • Oman


    Commission for Concorde Watches - AD - David Jeffery

  • Tunisia


    Commissioned by Dynamo - for The Tunisian Tourist Board - Poster , Print & Web.

  • Spain


    Andaluzia , landscapes , Jerez Sherry,windmills just missing the bulls.

  • Venice


    November Rain ,St Marks Square

  • Black Country Museum

    Black Country Museum

    Why in travel section? This is a great destination for UK and international visitors - Travel as a catorgary is related to context use .

  • Coventry


    Commissioned by Heart of England Tourism / English Tourist Board . This image has one many awards and hopefully created interest in Coventry that is currently enjoying a great revival and I highly recommend a visit to this historic city ,its not just the Cathedral and Lady Godiva .

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

    North Island -west coast .

  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

  • Cape Verde Islands

    Cape Verde Islands

    Arriving at this small beach at midday ,I was stuck with light that is less than ideal , However employing a very high shutter speed to allow a wide aperture ,I captured this image that I believe works as it has a soft background for type and does not distract from the wonderful graphics on the boat . I would love to have taken the painted Lion and used it as a painting ? This art is part of the beauty that is the Cape Verde Islands,a destination well worth exploring .As a travel photographer ,it has to be one of my favorite locations ,still unexploited.

  • Cape Town

    Cape Town

    I have worked at this location on a variety of projects -this is a personal image that was taken on a day off .

  • San Marco ,Venice Lion

    San Marco ,Venice Lion

    A shot from my 'Dream of Venice' series , Exhibited in 2014 at Calumet ,Drumond Street London NW1.

  • Venice


  • English Bowlers

    English Bowlers

  • Bryce Canyon

    Bryce Canyon

    JP Morgan pensions

  • Queensland ,Australia

    Queensland ,Australia

    Phillip Morris - Four Squares

  • Fago - Cape Verde Islands

    Fago - Cape Verde Islands

  • Porthleven - Cornwall

    Porthleven - Cornwall

    A very stormy January shows the welcoming lights of the Harbour at Porthleven . The Cornish villageI have visited for years and never seen two days the same , the light ever changing and always special , or am I just an old romantic ?

  • Paris


    Airmiles -commission -AIS - AD -Steve Stretton

  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

    Cover pic - fish collected from beach

  • Giudecca Canal

    Giudecca Canal

    From Giudecca early morning sunrise looking over to Venice and the silhouettes of the Basilicas my hero Turner would approve .

  • Venice


    Using a tilt shift lens I shot this after waiting for a suitable gondolier was framed in the far window .



    The City of London extends to the River and the Norman Foster designed Millenium Bridge ,crossing over to Tate Modern and the South Bank.Although based in London at the time I worked on this project as a Travel photographer and produced stock images of London for the travel industry .

  • Matera


    A World Heritage Site ,well worth a detour to a town in the Rocks . Now populated with hotels and more .

  • location wine photographer

    location wine photographer

    Vineyard in Sonoma Valley California A set up shot of grape picker in amongst the Vines ,shot on a Linhof 5x4 camera . Now I use PhaseOne and Hasselblad ,results are very simular but film and processing would be £500 plus scanning of selected image

  • Maldives


    I have shot two advertising commissions in this wonderful location -this was a stock image on 5x4 for a subsequent background for a bath manufacturer.

  • Walsall Arboretum

    Walsall Arboretum

    travel photography ? - yes destinations are anywhere and here is a great example of a Victorian legacy that is a gem near the Town and a great asset to the community.

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