• The Grand Canal

    The Grand Canal

    From the waterfront at St Marks (San Marco ) looking toward Santa Maria della Salute

  • Cafe Bar off San Marco

    Cafe Bar off San Marco

    Raining in November I had time off from my shoot at the Rialto Bridge and came across this sign,little was open ,just waited for the umbrella man

  • Venice 1984

    Venice 1984

    Early morning on Grand Canal I spotted this moving bouquet.After a few shots ,I ran ahead and positioned myself where I hoped he would pass. Luck or just good timing ? This image was selected by Creative Review way back and has gone on to be used world wide as a stock image for clients such as BA,United Distillers and for the Healthcare industry .This was the start of a love affair with Venice ,she is still as beautiful as ever and I look forward to returning soon.

  • San Marco ,Venice Lion

    San Marco ,Venice Lion

    A shot from my 'Dream of Venice' series , Exhibited in 2014 at Calumet ,Drumond Street London NW1.

  • Venice


    Using a tilt shift lens I shot this after waiting for a suitable gondolier was framed in the far window .

  • Le Zitelle from San Marco

    Le Zitelle from San Marco

    From the Grand Canal waters edge

  • Pylon in Giudecca Canal

    Pylon in Giudecca Canal

    Seagulls are a great connection to the sea , which seems somewhere else form Venice .however it is on the sea in a lagoon .

  • Grand Canal

    Grand Canal

    Ferro - front section in metal on Gondola - a symbol of Venice .

  • Giudecca Canal bank

    Giudecca Canal bank

    Evening and the lights are illiminating the canal side path.

  • Ferro at twilight

    Ferro at twilight

  • Venice


  • Visitor or Student

    Visitor or Student

    Venice on steps of the San Giorgio Maggiore

  • Gondolier Hat

    Gondolier Hat

  • Mobile in Gondola

    Mobile in Gondola

  • Grand Canal

    Grand Canal

    Toward the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

  • Venice Canal

    Venice Canal

  • Ferro


  • Ferro


  • The Ferro

    The Ferro

    symbol of Venice

  • Pidgeon & Campanile

    Pidgeon & Campanile

    San Marco

  • Lion of San Marco

    Lion of San Marco

  • Giudecca Canal

    Giudecca Canal

  • San Marco

    San Marco

  • San Geogio

    San Geogio

    St George in St Marks Square entrance

  • Giudecca Canal

    Giudecca Canal

    From Giudecca early morning sunrise looking over to Venice and the silhouettes of the Basilicas my hero Turner would approve .

  • Equine Sculpture

    Equine Sculpture

    These horses are reproductions of those inside San Marco Basilica - to protect the originals .

  • Grand Canal

    Grand Canal

    The classic Gondola with San Georgio in the background ,a cliche ? Yes ,but what a place. Never wanted a ride as I love the Taxis and Vaporetto ,as the Venicians do .

  • Venice graphics

    Venice graphics

    It is often the unexpected that grabs you ,In Venice the eye is overwhelmed ,everything is seen as a child, It is almost painfull ,but oh so wonderful .

  • Grand Canal

    Grand Canal

    twilight and the mystery of Venice, so many stories & . films are set in this city, its atmosphere is so evocative and so unique. Don't Look Now - the film directed by Nicolas Roeg, with Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland based on a Daphne du Maurier novel, is still the most powerful and certainly in my top ten films, if you see it - you will never think of Venice without a certain suspision that there is always a mystery that will never be solved.