• Sir Hamish Bruce

    Sir Hamish Bruce

    A corporate portrait in London from a series that extends a great brand to key Staff.

  • Candid action for a more lifestyle approach

    Candid action for a more lifestyle approach

  • Enrico Bruni

    Enrico Bruni

    Tradeweb .City of London.

  • tradeweb exec

    tradeweb exec

  • Harnham - Recuitment personal

    Harnham - Recuitment personal

  • Harnham Search

    Harnham Search


  • Harnham


    recruitment personal

  • corporate reportage

    corporate reportage

    sometimes its best to just allow a meeting to continue and let the participants to engage with the meeting so I can capture a corporate portrait that looks totally natural and the subjects are at ease .

  • Tash Alexander

    Tash Alexander

    Portraits for Corporate are not always stuffy

  • Benjamin Gee

    Benjamin Gee

    Marsh & Parsons - extending the brand communication to include Key Staff used for in Office display.

  • Richard Towler

    Richard Towler

    Black & White portraits for corporate communication

  • Jay Badiani

    Jay Badiani

    Corporate Portraits don't have to be straight and stuffy. People's personality can be a very positive image.

  • Logistics Executive

    Logistics Executive

  • Shard


    Now one of the major icons ,this photograph of the Shard shows how it dominates the landscape .

  • City of London

    City of London

    Shooting on location in the City of London

  • Candid in meeting

    Candid in meeting

    For annual report when a more reportage approach is required.

  • Corporate   Photographer

    Corporate Photographer

    Working with businesses across multiple sectors ranging from Trading in the City of London to providing headshots for legal firms across the UK.

  • tradeweb floor

    tradeweb floor

    Corporate and industrial photography often requires patience so that you capture that moment when someone is not looking at the camera but engaged with the job in hand.

  • Trading


    The photography of the finance business requires detail but not too much, using select focus can communicate without giving details away, useful for secure data.

  • Colin Smith - Advertorial Fujitsu -

    Colin Smith - Advertorial Fujitsu -