• Sir Peter Rigby -Millenium Point

    Sir Peter Rigby -Millenium Point

    Movers & Shakers project

  • Candid action for a more lifestyle approach

    Candid action for a more lifestyle approach

    Portraits and headshots maybe required of key staff but also the websites will require lifestyle images that are not the standard stock shots, but are the real people in a real office environment that clients can relate too, meeting the member of staff certainly helps provide an assurance that the website and communication is authentic.

  • Enrico Bruni

    Enrico Bruni

    Tradeweb .City of London.

  • Harnham - Recuitment personal

    Harnham - Recuitment personal

  • tradeweb


  • corporate reportage

    corporate reportage

    sometimes its best to just allow a meeting to continue and let the participants to engage with the meeting so I can capture a corporate portrait that looks totally natural and the subjects are at ease .

  • Harnham


    recruitment personal, using the office as a background and speacilist lighting it is possible to move quickly and deliver many headshots for the cliennt,

  • Headshot for Marsh & Parsons

    Headshot for Marsh & Parsons

    In colour the subject can sometimes be taken to be less professional ?The treatment of an image is important to communicate the brand and industry, A single headshot in a corporate communication can be a way to position your company.The location can be in the City of London or Coventry.

  • Sir Hamish Bruce

    Sir Hamish Bruce

    A corporate portrait in London from a series that extends a great brand campaign into the office and uses key Staff as subjects.This ongoing practice engages the staff and helps re-enforces the Brand to the end clients. Win win.

  • Benjamin Gee

    Benjamin Gee

    Marsh & Parsons - extending the brand communication to include Key Staff used for in Office display.

  • Richard Towler

    Richard Towler

    Black & White portraits for corporate communication

  • Jay Badiani

    Jay Badiani

    Corporate Portraits don't have to be straight and stuffy. People's personality can be a very positive image.

  • Image to be cropped for a variety of formats

    Image to be cropped for a variety of formats

    A portrait for social media and many applications maybe shot with multiple options for cropping, possible if shot on very High res Camera with great glass. Nikon D850 85mm f2 Nikkor

  • Logistics Executive

    Logistics Executive

    Framing the subject with a door or window may change the balance of the environmental portrait, it helps the reader concentrate on the subject and establish the location as part of the communication. This phoo was taken at the logistics company offices located near London Gatwick.

  • Shard


    Now one of the major icons ,this photograph of the Shard shows how it dominates the landscape .South of the Thames it still features as one of the dominant structures and represents the new vibrant cyber industries that are now a part of the global business run from London

  • Wellington & The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street

    Wellington & The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street

    City of London the financial heartland with the Bank of England that is a backdrop for so many TV news items.

  • City of London

    City of London

    Shooting on location in the City of London, many images of the City of London are emplyed to repreent the finacial indusrty, a more subtle way than many stock images of currencies and graph charts.

  • Candid in meeting

    Candid in meeting

    For annual reports and websites a more reportage approach is required and using a varity of techniques the client shall be provided with a large image bank that shall be employed acrosss media for a realistic period of time.

  • Corporate   Photographer

    Corporate Photographer

    Working with businesses across multiple sectors ranging from Trading in the City of London to providing headshots for legal firms across the UK.

  • tradeweb floor

    tradeweb floor

    Corporate and industrial photography often requires patience so that you capture that moment when someone is not looking at the camera but engaged with the job in hand.

  • Colin Smith - Advertorial Fujitsu -

    Colin Smith - Advertorial Fujitsu -

    Case study photography. This was an editorial with the need to use the image across a dps (double page spread) with copy on background, searching for the location to work may require a setting up time that is only apprciated after the shoot is delivered.

  • Trading


    The photography of the finance business requires detail but not too much, using select focus can communicate without giving details away, useful for secure data.

  • Charity Worker

    Charity Worker

    The third sector requires images of staff to commuicate to the audience, often stakeholders require images of the people to ensure the charity is seen as human and real.London EC2

  • Monochrome portraits for corporate website

    Monochrome portraits for corporate website

  • Birmingham


    Portraits in office enviroments are often more successful in larger spaces, a luxuary

  • Gary Taylor,No 4 Brindley Place.

    Gary Taylor,No 4 Brindley Place.

    From my Movers and Shakers project, but still an example of corporate portrait, but certainly not a headshot.

  • Yellow Box - Brita - engineers base

    Yellow Box - Brita - engineers base

  •  George Davies - Fashion designer

    George Davies - Fashion designer

  • Daniel Szor - CEO Cotswolds Distillery

    Daniel Szor - CEO Cotswolds Distillery

  • Daniel Szor -CEO - Cotswolds Distilerary Gullachsen

    Daniel Szor -CEO - Cotswolds Distilerary Gullachsen

  • Warwick Castle - Knight Welcoming

    Warwick Castle - Knight Welcoming

  • Netwealth - Marketing & Communications image bank

    Netwealth - Marketing & Communications image bank

  • Netwealth


  • Netweath


    Corporate / financial sector , image bank for website.

  • Netwealth - Customer liaison

    Netwealth - Customer liaison

  • Netwealth


  • Netwealth


  • Netwealth


Corportate Photographer

Corporate photography has a variety of meanings and it is often used to describe photography that is just headshots of businessmen wanting to get a mention in the local press as it looks good for the firm, that maybe what it was but the term could stand for the photography that represents the companies brand and is an essential part of the marketing and communication of the business. In today's digital environment it is essential to present the image of a company and communicate across all media with images that represent the business in the best possible way. In Warwickshire or the wider West Midlands to London I provide headshots, portraits and reportage style images to represent companies, but do they work? Understanding the world of business and communication is what is needed to deliver images that represent a company or deliver a communication. Often in a contemporary or classic way, but always appropriate for the end use. If your marketing and communication requires a corporate photographer who delivers, please email or better still chat and I shall help you get the images your company deserves. Here are the ways to contact me, I will provide a simple quote based on what your brief is, but I shall also provide more suggestions and ideas to make the brief work. lorentz@gullachsen.com or 01608 695050