Video Production

I have worked with the moving image since the 1990’s, although I am known as a stills photographer, I have directed commercials and worked as a producer on many projects, but it is only recently that I have delivered video that stands alone, as most of my work integrates the Still with the Moving image.When I returned to university to complete my MA in Visual Communication , it was in Still & Moving persuasive media.

I have invested time and money into the new technology and I work with talented crew and creatives who can deliver work that delivers on all platforms.

As a producer of the Stills and Video content I deliver short videos that work on websites or will integrate with the social media that is a major part of the marketing mix, often shooting behind the scenes of a stills shoot or creating content that compliments print and out of home media. It has been a great privilege with work with a number of clients as this integrated content has evolved especially with the award winning brand campaign for Marsh & Parsons London Estate Agents. – Marsh & Parsons

I have worked as a producer since last century ( OK 1990’s ) on stills photography and have naturally evolved into a video producer, I aim to deliver the appropriate visual content for the new media, please contact me to discuss your needs and if I can provide what you need I shall be delighted to quote, if you require infographics and script development and storyboards I can take on the production or recommend the appropriation associates who can deliver specialist CGI, and infographics.