Photographer Fees and production charges for a Warwickshire based photographer and producer.

Every photography project is as unique at the client and their business, it is almost impossible to price photography as a product or as a meal in a restaurant , however I can give guidelines and an insight into the way you commission a commercial photographer.


If you commission a photographer you are getting the expertise and experience that that person has, like a solicitor, they maybe a specialist in a particular field, and have a premium hourly rate. A photographer is also bringing a certain skill and his or her rate depends on the experience, but also what they include in that cost, cameras are nothing like as expensive as they were and digital technology can provide a very good camera and lights for not a great outlay, however there are levels of quality and specialist equipment that deliver a level of resolution and quality that is not understood by many who commission work, just the hire of the basic kit I use would be just shy of £500 for a day, that is having 2 camera bodies ( A pro should always have a back up) and the range of lens and lighting to tackle most jobs.

I also have very specialist lighting, rigs and cameras that are required for certain applications such as architectural and macro work.

A photographer usually has a day rate, but a day is in fact maybe 2 or more days, 1 day to research and consider the needs of the project, plan the production, a day shooting and that may include travel to and from a location & then another half day dropping of the kit, processing the work and delivering the low res images for the client to choose from, then there is possibly another day to process and deliver the files and archive the work.


Ensure you commission a photographer that has PL (Public Liability) insurance & belongs to a respected trade body,many just allow anyone to join , the AoP is one that a member has to be vetted and delivers a professional standard of work with an ethical code.

IP – intellectual copyright – You don’t buy an image you purchase a licence to use the images for a set purpose, nowadays this concept is alien to many, but the copyright of the image belongs to the photographer, however if the image is of a person’s headshot for Linkedin, it is not something that shall be of value in 5 years time as the person then has to replace it, but if it is a unique image that has a use past the initial purpose, it is the photographer who can use it , if it is agreed that the licence is only for the initial brief. This is complicated and for most clients it is not an issue, but it is important to note, you commission a photographer and he delivers a result for the purpose and has a time limit, this is usually well more than a client will require, but be aware,you do not own the copyright. If you want that you shall have to pay a premium that is calculated by a formula recommended by the AoP, NUJ or similar trade bodies.

Rates in Warwickshire & Cotswolds

As a Warwickshire and Cotswold based photographer I do not charge my London & international rates, I want to work more locally and provide the quality of service that I deliver in London, but at a realistic figure, I do however have a minimum charge of £250.

My day rate for Warwickshire,Birmingham, Coventry & North Cotswolds, is based on £495 per day. However as I have already stated, each job is unique and I shall quote on a verbal or ideally written brief and also if the brief is a charity commission or a start up, I shall try and provide a realistic way forward.

Travel outside the area of Warwickshire,Birmingham, Banbury, Worcester & Coventry is charged at 50p/ mile,

Please contact me for a quote or to discuss your photography needs, there is no obligation and I don’t do hard selling.

lorentz@gullachsen.com or call 01608 695050 or 07836 504777

Headshots for Business

Headshots taken at your office or workplace. In West Midlands.

£55 per person- one retouched portrait selected from at least 10 images taken and delivered as proofs for selection. Treatment such a conversion to monochrome included, brand guidelines as required.

Minimum charge £250

(Plus parking and congestion charges if applicable)