Headshot Photographer In Warwickshire

‘Headshot Photographer’ is one of the most searched phrases over recent years, although everyone is a photographer it seems that for all sorts of reasons people require a headshot and are searching for a professional photographer who can deliver a great portrait. Almost everyone who has a business requires a decent headshot even if it is just for a picture on their Linkedin profile page. Most companies require a portrait of their staff even if its for security and to be put on their lanyard security ID. The company especially that sector that has only on line connection with customers, often use a small headshot that is used on website or chat line when in communication with that member of staff.

All need Headshots and just taking a picture with a smart phone is not quite up to standard, having a clean background, a well lit face are basics that a photo booth can deliver, but does a company have enough staff to warrant a photo-booth ?

Employing a headshot photographer seems to be the way forward, especially for a company with a few personal, the expense of a photographer setting up at an office makes economic sense when all the staff are photographed at the same time, the images are also uniform so the ‘Brand’ is consistent and that in turn helps with the marketing and communication for that company.

Headshots as a term is not my favorite way of describing an image that should actually be termed a portrait, as a good headshot is a portrait, however a grabbed image without consideration of expression or lighting is certainly a headshot and could be produced in a photo booth.

A good headshot or as I would prefer “Portrait’ has so much more to deliver, for the subject or the company they represent!

A headshot is the image that often gives the first impression of that person, and you only have one chance to make a first impression, so you want it to be as positive and say what you want it to do!



So, when you need a headshot, search for a photographer who can deliver a creative and appropriate portrait that does justice to you and the image you want to show to the world.