Photography Studio North Cotswolds GL55

I have enjoyed access to a studio for many years, I was lucky to have had one in the grounds of my old house in Wimpstone till I moved in 2007, then it was somewhat ‘interesting’ with moves to Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, London and Spain. Then back to Stratford on Avon! In 2013 I helped set up a studio near Stratford and until the owner sold and moved away in 2019 it was a great base and I was able to shoot most studio portraits and product shots there.

As change happens, I managed to work from a home base with a great production facility and use hire studios, however I did miss a studio, a place I can easily set up, have kit on site and feel it is my creative space. I still shoot most of my work on location, however when a suitable location recently became available I jumped at the opportunity to have a dedicated studio.

So now May 2023, I have a studio base in the North Cotswolds, its only 5 miles from home so a bike ride away, and it is already making life easier, shooting still life products and naturally sculpture!

I shall be able to shoot portraits and am planning more experimental work that I would be unable to afford at a hire studio at £500 a day!

Like everything that sounds to good to be true, here is a catch.

As it is in such an idyllic location not far from the world famous National Trust Hitcote Gardens , I shall not publish the address as it is strictly visit by appointment.

I have already had a few clients and friends visit and google does not give great directions, it sends everyone past the studio entrance, however, three words works and when anyone gets near I can talk them down as a seasoned air traffic controller.

I look forward to working in this space and hope to welcome many old clients and hopefully many new ones to this small but wonderfully located Cotswold photography studio.

The Post Code start is GL55 .