Product Photography

Ember Home – new website photography for Leamington Spa retail and e commerce outlet

Some commissions start of with a simple on line enquiry and I was lucky to have responded to Ember Home and popped in to meet the owner, Rav, it was obvious they had great home products, a mix of antiques, vintage and new furniture with wonderful fabrics and decorative items the shop looks like a wonderland of decoration that is hard to define but is certainly very desirable. They already had a great website and were producing their own shots of products, however they required high resolution major images of the ranges that they could use as heading images. This is where it got interesting, because a large studio was required to shoot that large a group of products, would be expensive to higher and a logistical nightmare. So it was the shop itself that would be the venue, however to get the Brand colour backgrounds and to light such a space was challenging. The challenge of wanting the brand colours as a background for each collection require a big paint job, the use of coloured paper (which I hate) or green screen/ retouching? But I had a cunning plan and using fabric in the colour of the brand for each collection made sense and just needed finding and  rigging. The colours Orange and Teal were impossible to find in the width of fabric that was required so, useing plain material I dyed the fabrics and the result worked.

With a lot of flash lighting and a lot of grip ( Kit that holds the lighting and background), I turned the space into a large studio. The execution of the shoot was totally a collaborative venture, Rav seemed to have a superpower when getting the appropriate items together, moving items that weighed more than me and onto the set, I can claim the years of experience in studios was very useful when lighting items such as giant mirrors and textured wood were concerned, the resulting 8k images worked as the main image for the intro sections.

I suggest you check out Ember Home website and certainly take a trip down The Parade in Royal Leamington Spa to Ember Home shop, for me it is a great retail experience and I don’t like shopping.