Sustainable photography practice

Green Advantage

In May – July 2023, I was lucky to have completed the Green Advantage couse at Aston University, I have always had my concerns about environmental issues not least because of early experiences as a Sub Aqua diver and surfer, I saw first hand pollution and growing up in industrial West Midlands it was easy to see the effect on the environment that industry has.

I am a sole trader but like any business what we do and how we do it affects the world. I am not perfect, but I am trying to do the right thing every day, source locally, work locally and have as little impact on the world as I can. Certainly living in the rural Warwickshire countryside does impact with my travel requirements,  however I do use public transport as often as I can, I do not use a carbon of-set ‘company’ but choose to donate calculated amounts to the Heart of England Forest, rather than into a ‘green ‘washing company. Cynical? Moi? – yes, It is often plain common sense what to do, so I tread lightly on the planet. I do have a sustainability plan, but I am also aware that the digital image world is changing rapidly. I shall post more next year, when research and a few changes settle, who knows, there are hopefully many technologies and new options , till March 2024, I shall just try my best to impact this planet as little as possible.