Property Photography in the Cotswolds

project case study

Photography commissions are usually for one style or genre of work, but some require delivery of a variety of images, and that is a brief I love to have.

‘Do you photograph property and food? Oh and people?’

Music to my ears, the answer is always yes, but in this case it was a big yes! Property especially in the landscape is certainly a subject I love, certainly when it is for the hospitality industry, hotels and rental properties have always been a favorite subject, add to that Food and people I am delighted and if the location is in the Cotswolds (AONB) then I certainly get excited.

The property owners kindly allowed me to share some of the images, however its location is only revealed to those lucky enough to use it, but it’s near enough to Daylesford so you know you shall be able to get some great food and retail therapy when staying there.

An Historic farmhouse, additional cottages, a Barn or two and an outdoor heated pool are not found at your average weekend airbnb.

With stunning but understated decor and attention to detail, this property is to my mind about as good as it gets, it is wonderful to see that a rural location feels timeless and yet so contemporary.

The development is to be marketed for exclusive use in 2024 but till then please check out a few images I delivered for the marketing and comms.