Mayflower - Avon Boats - Stratford upon Avon

Since I started taking pictures many years ago I have always had an affinity to water, my first published work was of surfers in Cornwall while I was at college and when I changed direction, from a studio to a location photographer one of the first commissions I gained was to photograph Riva...

jc start.jpg

In today's demanding work culture, I often find I have to create and deliver work yesterday, but when I have done my work is completed and I have delivered the final images, I wait till the work is published before I can put anything on social media or website, and then I wait a little longer...

Clock Gate house

A commission to produce an image bank of Walsall Arboretum for Walsall Co


Dracula is a recent addition to the campaign for Marsh & Parsons - as a seasonal instagram and in other media, this image is running with the Halloween season that seems more & more popular, as an excuse for children to get more sweets and the country to buy thousands of pumpkins but...

Stratford Self Store - POD

Over the years I have enjoyed a great variety of commissions mainly through the traditional route of agency or designers. They have a client that has an advertising campaign or a brochure that requires design & photography. Often pitching against a number of competitors I found myself...